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My roommate spilled an entire cup of beer on my MacBook Pro (which was sitting open) So it is all in the keyboard and I am assuming leaked down into everything else. The computer was not on when this happened but it no longer will turn on at all. It had been over a week so I am sure whatever liquid got into the computer is completely dry by now. I am just trying to figure out my options here...should I take it to an Apple Store? Bestbuy? to get looked at? I have only had the computer for about 2 months so I am not sure what warranties are on it (although I highly doubt they cover spilled beer...haha)

Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.1.x)
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    Take it to the Apple Store along with your roommate who is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Do NOT take it to a BestBuy though, personally I wouldn't let them touch anything of mine. Tell him to bring his credit card, it's not going to be cheap. BTW any warranty you had on the computer has probably been voided. After paying I'm sure your roommate will be more careful in the future, this will probably be a painful lesson for him.
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    No Apple warranty will cover liquid spill damage. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance, check with the insurance agent or company to see whether the damage is covered.

    A full cup of beer is likely to have ruined everything inside the case, and the cost of repair will probably be too high to be worthwhile. I suspect you'll be better off just replacing the computer. I hope your roommate will take responsibility and foot the bill.
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    If the MacBook was purchased with an AMEX card contact them and file a claim. They offer 90-days of free accidental damage coverage.
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    There is a chance the machine will survive without damage. The optical drive is the most difficult component. I disagree about the idea that the machine is completely dry on the inside after a week. It might take longer.

    Beer will leave a sticky mess inside which is not a very good insulator. The machine needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned with a suitable solvent in order to remove those traces. All connectors need to be cleaned as well.