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I'm planning to get an Ipad to use garageband.
As a bass player I was wondering if there is any bass amp in it? I havent seen any in the videos around the web... Has anyone even tried to conect a bass guitar to garageband? Smart-Bass could be nice but I want to play it by my self!
I have tried Amplitube and AmpKit+ on the Iphone with Irig and was pretty disappointed by the sound... (Sorry for my englisch)

Ipad, iOS 4
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    There is a bass amp on the iPhone (and iPad): PocketGK (Gallien-Krueger). But not in Garageband. I rehearse with the iPad now, and you just have to fiddle around a bit with the different guitar amps to find a good sound for the bass....
    It would be a nice update on Garageband if the were a few bass amps or setting available...
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    I tried the PocketGK, it works but still not realy what I was hoping for...
    Why no one cares about us poor bassists?

    Wouldn't it be great to have a nice Ampeg SVT amp inside garageband? Maybe there will be a Amp-Store or something like that like in Amplitube... Hope so...
    By the way the best Bass-Amp on Iphone I used so far is the one in AmpKit+ called "American Bass King", the "ampeg" in Amplitube is pretty useless for me...
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    I just wrote the developer team and asked for a bass amp! So bassists out there do the same
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    I want to buy an iPad "ONLY" to use garageband with my Bass guitar. Let me know how to contact developer team so that i can request them to develop a decent bass amp + stomp boxes like fuzz and muff

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    GarageBand for iPad really needs some bass amp simulators i hope theta get that for the next update

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    How would I go about contacting my GB developer?  I am a bassist as well and just bought the Apogee Jam. it works awesome for Guitar but there are no bass amp settings.. the one I use when I plug up the bass is the "american tremelo" then just turn off all the pedals and reverbs and tremelo and get a nice clean sound and records nicely, but would rather have some really nice bass amps to play with.

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    Make sure you use this link instead as it's specific to the iOS version of Garageband

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    On IOS the brown amp all the way at the end and an Apogee Jam with my Fender PJ sounds pretty freaking amazing to me.

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    JamUp Pro XT by Positive Grid. Best for bass players, many guitar players prefer it also. GK app has been orphaned, AmpliTube is ruined by IK Multimedia's purchase policies and customer service (none). Peavey's AmpKit may come along in terms of modeling, but it has nowhere near the feautre set of JamUp. I use JamUp to record with GB quite a bit, works beautifully.


    Just buy JamUp, I'm not an employee, I'm a bass player.