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  • nasetron Level 1 (0 points)
    Alright, let's try to stay on topic here. Is anyone else who's having this issue willing to post a list of the apps they have installed? This seems to me like it's probably a firmware bug, but it could be related to an app that we've all installed.
  • lovapps Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm glad i'm not the only one going through this. I've had strange moments on mine where I'll open facetime and have my phone up to my ear and I will hear a click sound, and I'm thinking oh it must have been my ear or something that hit the screen or something and I'll dial someone and my refrigerator will pop up? or one time I was outside and dialed my parents up and my fence poped up and I know I didn't take these picture and it was very creepy and I thought it was just me. I hope someone figures out what this is or how to fix it. Very weird
  • fjfjfjfjfjfjdksllair Level 2 (320 points)
    So you took a screenshot during a facetime call, opened the photo app to display it, posted a video of you holding the phone on youtube claiming facetime is displaying some random photo. Wow thats certainly some undeniable proof you've got right there. Maybe next you can end the Tastes Great vs. Less Filling debate that has been raging for decades.
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    Hi all, I have the same issue. It all started when I decided to update to 4.3.1 on my iPhone 4. I restored it as new and pretty much just started over. No backup. My FaceTime would either be a image of me at a random point of time, or a black screen, so I called my service provider (Fido) and they sent me a replacement. The replacement was brand new. I opened it up and restored it as new and used it for about a couple hours then boom,
    It happened again. I called apple and spoke to a senior advisor I believe and she said she had never heard of the the reports and she herself haven't had that problem.

    Either way she gave me her contact info and I will be communicating with her daily on reporting this issue.
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    Nasetron – I can confirm I don't share any of the apps you listed, and am also still on 4.3.

    The random picture thing has only happened to me once - when initiating a facetime call a wonky pic from the phone being sat in the cupholder in my car came up, which is where I put the phone while driving – so definitely not possible it was a lagged pic i'd taken myself by mistake...

    Have also had maybe 4-5 instances of the camera seeming to not work when on a facetime call, just a blank screen where my image should be, and I could see them but they couldn't see me. Only cured by rebooting the phone.

    Am shying away from the grand security conspiracies but it's definitely creepy. Think I remember reading a patent article on macrumors a while ago based on using the camera to take shots when phone in use if stolen... Can't believe they would be using/testing such a thing on the general public without it being widely known...
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    After every FaceTime sessions, make sure FaceTime is no longer running in the background. On iOS 4, FaceTime might still be running in the background after you close it and still actively capturing images in the background. On a related issue, FaceTime on iOS 4.3 has a problem where it will show the last image it captured before crashing. Together, these issues give you the impression iPhone is spying on you. =)

    Try following the instructions outline here on how to check and terminate FaceTime running in background: retly-taking-photos-of-you/

    To clear the image (embarrassing or not) stuck on FaceTime, just reboot the device.
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    I don't truly believe the device is spying of its own accord, but this crashing issue doesn't explain the image captured in my car, where I wouldn't have even attempted using FaceTime as it wouldn't have worked.

    How does the facetime background termination work on the iphone where a facetime specific app icon isn't present? Just use the phone icon?
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    I had the same problem here. When I accepted a facetime chat, the iphone showed a random photo of me that I never remember taking. Is it possible that the photo is from the last time someone tried to facetime me and declined? I was trying to figure out where the photo of me was from. Kind of looks like it was from my car, when I possibly had Pandora or MotionX GPS Drive running. On the other end of the facetime call, the person with whom I was chatting said they couldn't see me.

    I'm also going to raise another issue here. Has anyone had this problem on their Mac using the facetime app? I was facetiming with someone the other day, and their video wasn't showing up, though I did see a flash of what looked like a still photo. At that time I wasn't aware of the random photo issue, so I didn't think much of it. We simply ended the chat and started again.
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    I have found yet another problem with FaceTime. I was driving down the highway listening to my iPod and the music faded out like I was getting a call. After a second or so, the music faded back on and I was like, wow that's weird. Then it happened again. Later I noticed that someone tried to FaceTime with me. I think it failed because I was on 3G, not WiFi. I'm wondering now, if it's taking photos in these cases getting ready for the connection.

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    I've had this issue too. A few days ago I tried using FaceTime and an image of me riding a horse on the beach showed up for a few seconds. I don't remember ever taking that picture, and I can't find it anywhere on the iPhone. The strangest thing is that I've never even ridden a horse before.....or been to the beach. This is so creepy!
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    This happens to me all the time. Yesterday I used FaceTime and it flashed a picture of me at the gym taking a shower. I know I didn't take the picture, and the strangest thing is that I never bring my iPhone into the gym, I always leave it in the car. My best guess is that Apple is tracking us with satellites, hidden cameras and other iPhones and sending pictures to our iPhones for storage. The question is, why is Apple spying on us?
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    I really think we should get back to the topic and away from shower stories

    I've added two own pictures and 2 YouTube videos showing the problem on iPhone 4 and iPad 2: fotos.html

    For me, after one call without showing the real and actual picture from the camera, FaceTime will work again for the next call... How is this with you?
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    This has happened to me twice. The first time, it froze on a black screen and I just thought I had a lag problem with my network. But then, this evening, my wife tried to Facetime me, and a picture of me from earlier in daylight froze on my phone. I connected with my wife, but the photo of myself stayed on my screen the entire time.

    I'm going to keep a camera close by. It won't be hard to catch this glitch on camera considering it freezes for a long time.
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    Had this happen to me 5 or 6 times over the last month or so and only only since I took the most recent iOs update.

    All the shots have been taken when i was using the phone but never when using facetime.

    If i shut the phone down and restart it the image goes away as facetime operates as normal.

    As per others, the images are not stored in my photo album (and are extremely unflattering!

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