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    Just adding my name to the list of previously stumped and now happily satisfied GrowlMail users thanks to this informative post. Much appreciation!

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    and a thanks from me too

  • lawero Level 1 (0 points)

    Typical, it had to be complicated with me!


    OK, so I had growled installed before, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I installed it again.


    It didn't work with mail (or anything for that matter, tho I didn't give it a chance - I only tested mail). All the applications were showing in the list of applications in the Growl Menu.


    So, I tried what is in this post. Only trouble is in the section you mention there are two folders: Bundles (with nothing in it) and Bundles (Disabled) (which has the files you talk about in it. I added in the two lines above the 10 or so other lines and saved. Restarted mail, restarted mac. Nothing. No notification for new mails.


    I then uninstalled everything again and manually removed the files it says on the Growl Website. It didn't mention to, but I also put the two 'Bundles' folders in the trash (but didn't delete) to see if Growl, when I installed it again, but add a new folder in. It didn't.


    I uninstalled Growl again and put the folders back and then re-installed Growl.


    None of my applications showed in the preference list.


    So I closed and opened mail. Nothing. I restarted the mac. Now Omnifocus shows, but no other applications.


    Any ideas?


    PS - I'm on version 10.6.8

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