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I recently bought a Macbook pro 13" 2,3Gz processor (latest 2011 version) and I am using Parallels desktop 6 on the computer with windows 7 x32 installed. I didn't want to use boot camp because then I have to restart my computer every time.

I have now installed Mirrors edge and when I'm trying to do that the following error-message pops up:

"Failed to create DXT texture. This game requires DXT support. If you have manually disabled it, please re-enable and try again."

I have tried to search various forums for help but I cant find a solution that solves my problem so I can play the game. Since I am not sure what information about my computer you need or how to find it you can probably find the specifications on apples website. I think i have an integrated graphics card in my processor Intel core i5 2,3GHz Sandy bridge and the name is Intel HD Graphics 3000. But when I am looking for the specifications when in Parallels desktop it says Standard VGA graphics adapter.

I have also tried to look for the latest version of DirectX but I am already using the latest version and also tried to download graphic card drivers (though I am not sure if I did it correctly)

What am I supposed to do to get this game working? I am counting that my computer will match the game requirements since the game is from 2009. I would be very happy if you guys could help me!

Macbook pro 13" (2011 version), Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2,3GHz processor
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    Have you contacted the folks at Parallels?
    Have you contacted the game vendor?
    Have you spoken to someone who knows Windows 7? Maybe you need 7x64.
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    * To contact Parallels costs 20 dollars / question so no, I have not
    * I have talked to de game developer, they did not have any answer to my question.
    * i have looked it up and the game is actually not working for some who are using windows x64 but should always work for windows x32
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    The one biggest problem with all virtualization solutions (Parallels, Fusion, VirtualBox) is that they do not have direct access to the GPU (as that needs to be handled by the host [OS X] ). As a result, you will never have the same performance for graphics under a virtual machine that you will if you run the program natively in the OS (through BootCamp). Graphics support via virtual machines has improved significantly, but it is nowhere near the level that you would see running the OS natively. You will also get a virtual GPU showing up in Windows device manager. If you want to play games that have even moderate graphics requirements, you'll need to install Windows via BootCamp.