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Hi everyone!

It is possible to print from an iPad to a Wi-Fi or AirPrint enable printer without a network and without a computer?

Direct communication between the iPad and printer wireless? since both have wi-fi.


MacBook White, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Connected wireless to TC 1 TB and Airport Express
  • Alan Abentrod Level 1 (45 points)
    for a wi-fi printer to work you need a wireless network.
    so the answer must be no, no wireless device works without a network to connect to
    plus a ipad should be synced to a computer from time to time for the purpose of backing up your data.
  • pvonk Level 6 (13,722 points)
    Alan pretty much says it all, unless there's a printer that can create a local wifi network, like the mac does. But then you'd only have AirPrint available, and that limits your printers to about 4 models. Check them out to see if any can create a local network. (I doubt it.)
  • Fred*M. Level 4 (2,385 points)

    If your WiFi printer can be set for an Ad Hoc network, then yes. If it is AirPrint capable, then you should be able to print from an iPad with no problem. If not AirPrint, a third party application like Print n Share would be required.

    I have the HP D110 AirPrint printer. As I recall, you go to the printer's WiFi setup and enter a non-existent network name. When the printer can't find it, it should give you the option of creating an Ad Hoc network.

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    I dont have the printer yet, but ui was planning to buy one with AirPrint capability.

    The scenario is this:

    I work in a hospital, Im an ICU physician. I want to write my notes in my iPad and then print them quick and easy directly from the device.

    There is as WiFi network here, but is for charts and labwork etc, is the hospital network. I have to go to tons of burocracy (for which I dont have time), to setup a wireless printing solution.

    So, thats why I need the iPad to "talk" to the printer directly. Without joining the network.

    Another thing I was thinking: can I use my iPhone (with Personal HotSpot or MyWi) as a "router" and create my very own network?

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,261 points)
    I have a wild idea but you should check with Apple to confirm that it works.

    Buy an Airport Express (US$99) and use that to create your own miniature WiFi network. If you do not plug it into a router, there will be no Internet connection but you don't care. All you're looking for is a WiFi signal to connect the iPad to the printer.
  • Elizabeth Ingraham Level 6 (12,310 points)
    Thanks, Philly Phan and chaconmd--

    I just bought an HP Envy 100e and I've been playing around all day with my printing options while I'm at the university--similar issues with what chaconmd has and I just want to make sure I can create a stable wifi network for when I'm printing from my iPad or, when I use it in my classroom, to enable my students to print. I just walked across the street, bought an Airport Express and set it up and its working quite nicely. Thanks again!
  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,261 points)
    Thanks for the confirmation.
  • Fred*M. Level 4 (2,385 points)

    Your Personal HotSpot or MyWi could support AirPrint printing IF it is capable of passing the Bonjour data that AirPrint requires. If the MyWi doesn't pass Bonjour data, it should at least work for internet access. If it did not support printing, the AirPrint printer could still be set for an Ad Hoc network, but you would have to change networks on the iPad to print.

    I have a CradlePoint WiFi router that accepts a USB wireless modem. The modem uses the cellular telephone network for internet access. It works as a WiFi HotSpot with my desktop and laptop computers, iPad and HP D110 AirPrint printer.

  • rccharles Level 5 (7,588 points)
    You need to buy the right printer.

    Disclaimer, I have not tried this out. All is based on what I have read online.

    For example HP D110.

    HP D110 Info Page

    See Page 31 of User Guide...

    HP D110 User's Manual

    Here is how to set up an ad hoc network form there instruction manual.

    1. In the Control Panel, double-click Network and Internet, then Network and
    Sharing Center..
    2. In the Network and Sharing Center (under Tasks on the left), select Set up a
    connection or network.
    3. Choose the connection option Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer)
    network, then click Next. Read the description and warnings about ad hoc networks,
    then click Next>.
    4. Enter details, including Network name (the SSID for your ad hoc connection),
    Security type, and SecurityPassphrase. If you are going to save this network
    connection, check Save this network. Make a note of the SSID and the Security key/
    Passphrase for future reference. Click Next
    5. Continue to follow the prompts to complete setup of the ad hoc network connection.
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    Just to confirm that this does work - it is what I use to print notes from an iPhone 4 and an iPad2 using the ePrint App. There are probably better apps as this one is very slow but it does work ok.
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    Confirmed. This method works great. No Network router needed. Thanks
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    How n wish is the smallest printer