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We have been using the MX02 Mini essentially for HD monitoring and have run across a few issues that have hindered productivity. It appears that one or two of these issues have been fixed in the latest 2.2.1 software release. The following remain. Has anyone experienced the same?

1) Audio scrubbing... audio cannot be heard on a per frame basis, usually audio is heard every three
frames or so.
Apparently this has not been fixed.

2) Audio playback. In the viewer... Hit play... Playback begins but the audio drops out and then
resumes... hit stop and playback repeats the last bit of what was playing before you hit stop.

3) Audio distorts, similar to an analog overdrive sound, when hitting play every 10 times or so.

Most of the projects that we are working with are Apple Pro Res 422 @ 23.98, Audio 48khz/16 bits.
Most of our computers are as described... 2 x 2.26GHz Quad Core Mac Pro running 10.6.6 and FCP 7.0.3.
Hard drives are local external 2TB G-RAIDs with plenty of room. We have check all of our media to make sure that it matches our sequence settings.

I realize that there are Matrox advocates out there, but we seem to have a hard time getting the MX02 Minis to work reliably.

All ideas are welcome. Note that we are working with Matrox support as well.



2 x 2.26GHz Quad Core Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), FCP 7.0.3
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    1) Audio scrubbing... audio cannot be heard on a per frame basis, usually audio is heard every three frames or so. Apparently this has not been fixed.

    Well, that actually is the main thing that was addressed in that update. I didn't have the issue for a while, then I upgraded to snow leopard, and there it was. But that was something with the 2.0 and first 2.1 drivers. But the latest driver that was just released, 2.1.1...fixes that. For a lot of people, me included:


    As for the other issues, that are all audio related... they should have been addressed too.

    Make sure to update PROPERLY. Uninstall the older drivers, then restart. Install the new drivers... and when the updates erase and then update the firmware, when the computer will shut down, and you need to unplug the MXO2 mini for at least 5 seconds, then plug it back in. Then start up the system.


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    Hi -
    New software/firmware released yesterday. Version 2.2.1.
    Here is what the new software/firmware addresses:

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    Thanks for your responses. Just so you know I did install the beta release which did take care of a couple of audio issues we were having.

    Shane... I know that you cannot install over an existing installed version and followed the documentation to the letter.

    I have only installed the final release today on one out of 4 systems so far and there are still a couple of issues that are outstanding that I hoped would be fixed in 2.2.1.

    For this particular editor the scrubbing issue, while improved, still exists. Although I know that he rarely uses this feature in his workflow I will wait until I can install on someone's system who does use audio scrubbing more extensively to know for sure.

    The other issue that still exists is number 2 in my list and drives this editor crazy as it seems to hinder his workflow.

    I should have everyone updated by tomorrow and I will report back.


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    If things persist, you can always go back to the 1.9 drivers. They work in Leopard and Snow Leopard and are rock solid.