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Is a Authorized Apple reseller allowed to sell non-approved Apple accessories in his/her store? So not approved by MFI or any other Apple license. If allowed what are the risks for the buyer as well as for the store?

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    I haven't seen the Apple reseller agreement, but unless it has a clause prohibiting the reseller from selling accessories that Apple hasn't approved, something I doubt Apple could include in any reseller contract (it would probably be considered illegal restraint of trade in many jurisdictions), the reseller can sell whatever products the dealer chooses to offer. Without being able to examine the reseller agreement, though, I can't say with certainty, and I doubt anyone here has access to the agreement.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "risks". Can you be more specific about your concern?

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    Thanks for your quick response Dave.

    To be more clear; I developed a product that is not yet approved by any of Apple's licenses. Already I receive many inquiries from wholesale companies around the world that are interesting in distributing this accessory, which is meant for iPhone.

    One of these potential distributors asked me the following question:

    Is the product Apple licensed?
    What is your approach to Apple Stores?

    As my products are not Apple licensed yet and we'll be launching in May, I need to find out if it is possible for this party to sell to Apple Stores without having any Apple license.

    Thanks for getting back to me in advance!
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    You will need to discuss this with your potential distributor and your attorney. In particular you'll want legal advice on what you can legally create and sell without obtaining licenses from Apple. We're all just fellow users here and cannot speak authoritatively on the subject, even if this were an appropriate question for this forum which it really is not, these forums being intended for technical support on Apple products.

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    OK, I understand, thanks for your time anyway!
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    Were you ever able to find an answer to your issue. I'm in a similar position that you were in two years ago wanting to sell non approved Apple products. Is it legal to do so, or do all products made for Apple required to go through the MFi process?