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    Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Don't shoot the messenger, Willy baby.

  • Kanad Level 1 Level 1


    I too am facing the same issue. I have an imac and I use both trackpad as well as the mouse. Also i cant change the double tap speed from the preferences. Its completely different from that of the macbooks. Its slowly getting annoying.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8

    The Double-click speed is in the Accessibility System Pref, under Mouse & Trackpad.

  • morales_moises Level 1 Level 1

    I have had at least four Macs that have all had the same issue with the red button not closing the active window. This also occurs in browsers with multiple tabs.  The tabs may not NOT close when you hit the 'X' button (especially when there are a large number of windows/tabs to close.  Your reactions/posts making this sound like an isolated, trivial issue are just as annoying as the red-button bug itself!


    Also, I would disagree with other posts that this has been SOLVED as increasing the double-click speed is not a solution; it's just a band-aid, as using it sets a double-click speed, which the user may not prefer.  The user should not have to decide one over the other. 



  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8

    morales_moises wrote:


    I have had at least four Macs that have all had the same issue with the red button not closing the active window.

    I've got four Macs that have never exhibited the issue.


    What third-party software do you have installed that might affect the Mouse, although it may not be limited to that.

    Any mice that require a third-party driver?

    You can investigate by booting into Safe Mode and seeing if you experience the problem there:

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    The close (red) button does not always work with me WHATEVER the app and the X button in safari rarely does.


    APPLE must definitly address this issue !

  • ollivierfromparis Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, either on my Macbook or my iMac.


    On the macbook I use the trackpad so there is no mouse issue ...

  • ollivierfromparis Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah this is such an annoying feature and Apple seems to ignore this problem, I will consider selling the mac and buy a Windows PC...

  • ollivierfromparis Level 1 Level 1

    I fail to see how you are helpfull here, what are you doing on this forum ...

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    Mac OS X

    Are you actually interested in help, or just whining? Seems like the latter.


    Something is not working right with your computer, probably some third-party software you have installed. When you're ready for help, try reading some of the responses here. Including my first post on this topic, on the first page.

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    ollivierfromparis wrote:


    I fail to see ..........

    Is that common?

  • ollivierfromparis Level 1 Level 1

    It's been a long time I do no expect anything from Apple forums, I have been reporting problems to Apple for years and their answer was always the same, somthing like  : "There are no bugs in our products, the problem comes from the user".


    All Apple does its take the money and deny any bugs or security issues exists ...


    Did they not spent years claiming that there are no viruses on Mac ???


    I can tell, almost for sure, by your attitude that you work for Apple.


    As you answer proves it, "It must be a third party software" ...


    What kind of **** system would allow a third party software to mess with the way the mouse or the trackpad interacts with system windows close buttons or browser tab close buttons ???


    I've never seen that under windows and windows is all third party software.


    For your information this behaviour happened on my mac when right out of the box, same with the mouse pointer juping all over the screen when an external monitor is plugged in.


    But it has to be my fault, I'm just a dumb user ...

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    Mac OS X

    I do not, in fact, work for Apple. You can tell an Apple employee by the dark gray banner with an Apple logo across the top of their posts. Homework: see how many of those you find on this topic.


    If all you're interested in doing is making a lot of noise and whining, note that the moderators here will be glad to step in. Review the terms of use for these forums that you agreed to:



    When you're ready to ask for help solving your problem, you'll find people here who will help you. Until then, you're a waste of my time. Continue the whining here and I'll be more than happy to draw the attention of the moderators to your posts.

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    Yeah, sure,


    And you call your input "help" ?


    In the begining of this post you deny the user this bug by responding rudely to him "You need to address this problem" when he said "Apple needs to address this problem", arguing that since only 2 people have this problem there is no problem !


    What amizing HELP this is ... Thank god you're here.


    Then you go on saying it is a third party app problem ! Oh so your amaizing suggestion is that we should remove the third party application suposidly responsible for that ?


    So if I remove the apps I need to do my work, what good is this Mac to me since I cannot do my work with it any  longer ? I might as well by a Windows PC as the third party apps I use also work on it and the close windows buttons and browser tabs do work as expected.


    As I read these posts, I fail to see how you help, all you do is put the problem back onto the user and deny there could be a bug. Yeah this is really helpful, thank you so much for you input, your witts really baffle me...


    If you don't work for Apple, you should apply, you exhibit all the required qualities ...


    And about your threats of reporting me, feel free, I'll tell my dady too ...

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    I do hope the moderators will remove your posts.   Personal abuse is of no help to other readers and actually makes your arguments invalid.