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I had just updated my ipad to the 4.3 version today and opened up one of my downloaded applications and realized the sound wasn't working. I opened up my other ones and realized that the none of the sounds work. At first, I thought the speakers were broken but the sounds for itunes and youtube work. I tried turning the ipad completely on and off and that hasn't helped either.

Does anyone know how to get the sound working? I can't even watch the news videos with sound.

Windows Vista
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    It's probably because Apple screwed around to satisfy the whiners. The "Silent" switch is probably turned on. It's intended to affect only the alerts from such things as email and other apps that support "Push" but I've found that sounds from many videos are also affected.

    Adding insult to injury, they did a super-crappy job with the User Guide.

    Read page 9. Note that this Guide also applies to the iPad-1 with IOS 4.3 except for those functions that are not supported by the hardware.

    If the "Silent Switch" shown on page 9 locks/unlocks rotation, that's the result of
    +Settings/General/Use Side Switch to:+

    You can change the configuration in Settings OR you can double-click the Home button. Then, slide the "Recents" tray to the right to display the Silent Switch at the extreme left of the tray. Yeah, there's nothing in the User Guide about this but at least the whiners are happy. The Settings option reverses the functions of the mechanical side switch and the software switch in the tray.
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    Thank you! I had changed the slide switch and it still hadn't worked. But double pressing the home button definitely did the trick!