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earlgreyarn Level 1 Level 1
I've been trying to update my iPhone 4 to the iOS 4.3 and the progress bar on both iTunes and my iPhone would be stagnant about halfway through. About 30 minutes passes and still no progress So I unplug my phone and plug it back in.

It says my phone is in recovery mode and must be restored. So I restore the phone and again, the progress bar progresses until about halfway through and remains stagnant. It has been 45 minutes now and it is still in the same place.

Is it supposed to be taking this long?

iPhone 4, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • JoeZinVA Level 2 Level 2
    If you have a very large library, say 4 hours of video, backed up then it would take hours to restore it. Movies and videos comprise of 3 Gigs per hour HD Video and 1.5 Gigs standard video. If you have a full fledged 13 GB or 25 GB (OS steals a good chunk of it) then it'll take longer than a "Restore as new iPhone".

    If you dont have an Authenticator (Blizzard and RSA), SMS or MMS stored, a clean wipe will work faster.
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    I have had my Iphone 4 phone for only 28 days. I have loaded some applications - maybe 30. I have taken at the very most maybe 10 min of video. I have no other videos loaded and maybe 4 recorded webinars.

    I am dong a restore. My phone has now been connected for about 8 hours and it says that is has about 5 hours to go. Last night when I left the phone it said it the bar said it had about 2 hours to go. Thus the time estimates are not correct. I am not sure if I should keep going or if something is wrong. I do need my phone. Do I unplug and go get help?
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    Isn't this appalling,  Nothing to do with the size of your library or how many apps you have downloaded I feel.


    I have a brand new iphone 4 with NO music or contacts or apps installed. I made the mistake of clicking "update to 4.3.3.almost 3 hours ago - and so far - in spite of having paid a small fortune for this supposed wonderful  device - I am yet to make one single phone call.


    The progress bar doesn't seem to be moving and I don't know whether to just unplug the thing or whether to leave it a while longer.


    What a nonsense. At least my Nokia works.