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Patrice26 Level 1 Level 1
Can someone please help me......

Firstly I thought I was doing the right thing and updating the software on my iphone 4 so I did through itunes but when it was half way through it just timed out and left my phone in the restore stage so I had no phone and when I tried to restore the phone it would just keep timing out.

I eventually used another computer to restore and get a back up of my phone then I pluged it back into here and it will not finishing syncying, I left it in for 24 hours and it still didnt finish. There I just had to cancel snyc and it got suck there eventually timing out so I could pull my iphone out but now it won't sync, nor will it snyc any of my music to my iphone. Help help, I've tried un-installing itunes and re-installing itunes many times, updating windows, deleting all music out of my itunes library, turning off my firewalls, resetting my sync history and nothing works, I cannot transfer any of my purchased items on my iphone to itunes it says it starts to copy 1 of 11 and gets half way through the first then stops......then timesout and just says finishing sync and doesn't move off that step...Please someone help me!

PLEASE, I'm not very techy so I might be doing something simply wrong please help...

Asus, Windows XP, Version 2002
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10

    Try disabling your anti virus software. Then try to sync.

  • Patrice26 Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry this isn't working either I've tried that so many times....I really don't know what to do.

    Is there someone wrong with apple's new software update for the iphone?

    I just downloaded ringtones on my iphone and tried to transfer them to itunes on my computer and a couple of them did transfer but I can't get them back onto my iphone silly me for thinking it might magically work....
  • Jimmy Crown Level 1 Level 1
    I have had exactly the same problem before, I have followed the guide as suggested to the letter and still no joy, each time (3 times now) that I have reinstalled the latest version of iTunes it is recognised and syncs with my iphone but with the next reboot of my computer it is gone again.
    Try to refer this article about [how to transfer iPhone contents to computer|http://www.softwarebbs.com/wiki/Howto_transer_or_backup_iPhone_contents_toPC].
    Hope it works you out.
  • Patrice26 Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you for trying to help but this isnt' working either, now my ipad will not snyc either since downloading the new software...oh no I really need help please.