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    Thanks Ziv, I had seen your answer above, I was trying to hear from Patricia1545 as she and I am in the same boat. Looks like I need a wireless portable router for AirPlay, my iPad and an Apple TV 2, from what I've figured out in the last hour.

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    You can also use an iPhone if you have one and configure it as a hot spot.



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    Sorry, not been on for awhile.

    No, I didn't figure it out.  Although I went to Apple to talk to the Geniuses.  The problem is that every TV connection is different. So, traveling I would have to bring different wires to attach to my computer and their TV. The other thing with wires is the length.  If the office doesn't have a counter close by what's going to hold the computer-I-Pad.

    SOme customer stated that she travels all over the world and does everything on someone else's TV.  I am told that they have to have I-Tunes and other programs on their computer.  That won't work for me.

    I have a great travel friendly projector (casio) so I am going to stay with that.

    I am told soon every TV will have HD and they will all have the same connections -universal- and they will have internet to wirelessly connect.  Can't wait.

    Good luck

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    If you want to airplay from your mac to your apple tv for programs such as Keynote, I beleive that you need to get something similar to AirParrot.

    Plug the Apple TV into the TV via HDMI and run your presentation via AirParrot. There is a cable available from Kanex (got mine through Mac1) that coverts the HDMI output from the Apple TV to standard VGA and audio if the TV is too old for HDMI.

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    Yes you can do keynote presentation on airplay.

    Just activate the mirroring function on your device iPad or iPhone.




    For more detail

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    I set up the apple tv in the classroom today and tried running a keynote presentation from my iPad.


    It starts out great using mirroring, but it just kept timing out, and going back to the apple tv menu.    Very frustrating.


    I tried turning off the screen saver but it did not help.    Anyone have any ideas please.





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