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My iphone got wet through my backpack when it rained. I immediately put it in rice, and it's been soaking in the rice for over a week. I recently turned it on and everything seems to work fine except for their is a layer water that is clearly visible underneath the screen. Does anyone know how to get this out? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Reply by Rudegar on Mar 24, 2011 10:26 AM Helpful
maybe waiting it outall water evaporate given time

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    maybe waiting it out
    all water evaporate given time
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    I had moisture under my screen from handling my phone for a call while in the bathtub. I did not drop it, and I was careful...but I guess the environment was moist enough to cause a problem. I was horrified. There was a triangle of discoloration closest to where my hand had been, even though I have a very protective case...or so I had thought. I do have insurance, but I scanned for a solution online first...and this is what I did. I put my phone screen down, on top of my wireless router...which is warm and already receiving some sun during the afternoon. I waited about 3 hours to check it...and the moisture was GONE completely.  I got lucky this time, and I will never use my phone even near the tub again!

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    i have the same problem, but mine got soaked wet upside down, maybe the water enter thru the earpiece and the back camera got wet, it was ON charging on the floor, when the sink in the kitchen exploded and all the rooms got the floors wet.  that was yesterday,  today is the 2nd day in rice in a ziploc, i went to a store and they told me "350.00 $  for the screen replacement"  i was frustrated. i have 2 months with this iphone 5.


    any help, appreciated,

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    i went to a repair store, because mine got wet on the floor, because the sink in my house explode and all the floors were a mess.

    they made a cleaning and it cost $25.00

    they clean the water but they told me that the water stain will remain there,  the other thing to do is buy a new lcd screen which costs $250.00


    the warranty is valid if someone opens the phone?

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    i have the same problem when they say it will remain there do they mean forever or it will eventually go away?

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    I put my phone on a warm surface...my router...face down. The water went away in a couple of hours.

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    Just put the phone face down on your router. It is warm enough to take care of the condensation under the glass. I thought my phone was ruined until I did this. I had talked while in the bathtub, and even though I thought my hand was dry...it must have still allowed moisture to get into the phone. I was devastated because the phone was new, and the screen had these dark spots...like water...trapped under the glass. I had no rice to submerge it in...and I hadn't actually dropped the phone in water...so I used a little common sense, and it worked perfectly.

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    i dont have a router do you have anything else that could be as equally effective

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    also my its my iphone 5 and it has been like that for the past 2 weeks

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    Yeah, it needs to dry off from inside. It has ro be placed on top of something that gets warm...how about a cable box, or TiVo? My router was in the sun by the window.

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    Sure ill try the cable box. How do you know when its too much

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    hi I have this problem too.. 1day ago, water went into my iphone5. I shook the water out but unfortunately not much water came out. Yesterday, I went home and I put it into a bag of uncooked rice. this morning when I took it out, it was slightly improved. not as much water as the other day but there are still grey(water) covering my screen. everything in my phone is working fine accept my lock button went alittle bit crazy and sometimes I can't charge my phone. I will have to pluck in and out afew times. please help meee!!