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Hi .. I have iTunes because of my shuffles ... and a big itunes library and I buy music. I have the QuickTime Pro version because I edit my video files.
I do not have a iPhone yet ... do not even have a smart phone plus my shuffles do not have the voice facility that may or may not be enabled on larger iTunes models. I suspect I will be getting perhaps a Nano or Touch or iPhone in the next year or so BUT my problem is that my Windows XP is stuffed with way too much and I need some space on it. I do not want to compromise my iTunes library and my account of buying music BUT do I need
Apple Application Support 53 MB
Apple Mobile Device Support 22 MB
Apple Software Update 2.26 MB (It's interesting I have this because I never use it and even within iTunes the latest version of iTunes will NOT download and update .. I have to download the latest version and update manually, that could be some Norton virus protection I don't know)
Bonjour 1 MB (I know I need this only because when I removed it, I could not get something else to work)
MobileMe Control Panel

WinXPSP2, Windows XP
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    Oh gosh I was not even thru .. sorry so long of a question.

    Mobile Me Control Panel 11 MB (Don't know what this is, if I do not have a mobile smart phone ... well what is this?)
    Voice Over Kit 42 MB I think this installed with my latest new shuffle
    All of those with the fact that iTunes takes up 142 MB and Qucktime takes up 73 MB ... is alot. I realize that probably if I had a MAC I would not have to have all of these Windows Updates which are driving me crazy .. but I sure would have trouble maneuvering thru a MAC after so many years on Windows.

    Any help as to which of these things I can remove would be appreciated. That Apple Application Support .. of 53 MB ... ?? That really puzzles me. Is that from this community help?
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    Mobile Me is a service sold by Apple which gives you an email account (on me.com), cloud-based email and storage, and synchronises your calendar and contacts between your Mac, the cloud and an iPhone / iPad etc. It is great if you have all those devices, not so useful if you don't.

    I believe the Voice Over Kit is what delivers the option to have the shuffle announce the name of the next song when it plays.
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    Thank you very much .... that might suggest that ... well gosh I will check out the control panel feature of Mobil Me and then I will uninstall. Because it should not offer any problems to everything working like what happened when I removed Bonjour. At least I hope so. Mostly I wanted to say thank you. Yes you are right about the voice kit .. I wonder though if I can remove ... probably can.
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    IIRC, the voice over is an option which you can configure for your iPod. So if you turn it off, it should be safe to remove the package.
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    hacker jon ... way way too late in thanking you for your response .. I get - have gotten lost on here ... finally found my way back and want to thank you ... yes I have been able to uninstall MobileMe ... . Just have not taken out all of the directories and STUFF that was installed with it. Sigh ... am having now trouble with codecs .. ah well ..


    thanks again