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hi all i need some help i think ive got my 10.3.9 server setup made an image its says it made it and completed. i went and enabled it but where im lost is on the client computer i hold the n key down and i just get a gray screen no dhcp activity. then about a minute later it boot's to the systems hard drive and not from the server im trying to test this out for a few systems that lack fire wire and a working cd tray im testing with 10.4.3 install dvd image just to see if it would boot. My hope is to get a bubble imac to boot from it with a 10.3 image to install to a hard drive. right now im trying a power mac g4 tower with no luck with net-boot. am i missing something.

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Xserve G4, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Have you actually configured your server to act as a DHCP server and a NetBoot server, and a file server?


    Having the image is an essential part of the system, but if the other parts of the puzzle aren't in place then it doesn't matter - the server needs to run as a NetBoot Server in other for the clients to 'see' it over the network. You don't detail in your post how much of the server-side work you think you've done.