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Hi everybody,

I wanted to copy some PDFs to my iPad via drag & drop and iTunes but I am suffering under the problem that nothing happens.

I even get not displayed a "+" on my cursor and everything I have tried, nothing is copied to the ipad..

iPad is running under iOs 4.3 and iTunes is up-to-date.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,455 points)
    never tried drag'n'drop but if I use file and add file to lib
    my pdf will show up in the Books part of the lib
    and will sync to my ios device
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    even that part of adding a file seems to crash my itunes.. i guess i'll uninstall it and install again.

    it didn't help..

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    Connect the iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. Then select the Books tab on the left side of the iTunes window to open up your books library. The window on the right side will show all of the books and pdfs in your library.

    Find the PDF on your computer that you want to add to your device, click on the PDF and drag it into the window on the right side of iTunes. Then click on your iPads name on the left side, click on the Books tab at the top of the right side in iTunes, select the pdf that you just added to the library, click apply in the lower right corner, sync and be on your way.
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    this is possible but I would like to add it directly to my ipad. Wasn't that possible?

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    I thought you were trying to find out how to drag and drop PDF files in your iTunes library in order to sync to your iPad but there are ways of sending files without syncing.

    If it is just a PDF file - not a book - you can attach the file to an email and send it yourself from your computer to the iPad, open it and choose the option of open in iBooks. When you open the file in your email, tap the curved arrow icon in the upper right corner and select open in iBooks. Then the PDF will be stored in books for later viewing.

    You can also sync PDF files with apps like Dropbox using WiFi. There are other apps available that will do the same thing.
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    I had the same problem to simply to drag an drop pdf or epub to my iPad.

    Maybe the root cause is the option of "manage music and video manually" has been unselected.

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    I have "manage music and video manually" checked and I am still unable to drag and drop certain pdfs.  Some work while others do not.  This is extremely frustrating.  Just for once I'd like something Apple/iTunes/iPad related to work exactly the way its supposed to, the first time, everytime, for all files. 

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    Connect your iPad with the given cable.

    Fire up iTunes.

    Click on iPad.

    Check manually update music and videos.

    Drag your pdfs on to the book section.



    I have noticed that WiFi syncing is easy and trouble free for videos, but pdfs never sync. Wonder why?

    Hope this was useful and I wasn't too late.

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    I was having the same problem where dragging a PDF either from Finder or the iTunes Library onto my iPad in iTunes wasn't working, even though I've got "Manage music and video manually" checked.  While I struggled to get it working I noticed my iPad hadn't backed up in a while so I clicked "Back Up Now".  Once that was done, I was suddenly able to drag and drop PDFs onto it.

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    For some reason this worked for me. I was having the same problem and now it is fixed! Thanks.