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Is there such a thing as a "repeater" that can be used in conjunction with an airport extreme b/g/n router to increase the wireless signal strength? My two laptops work great everywhere in the house, but my Samsung Mesmerize Android phone does not do nearly as well in WiFi mode. The phone is capable of b/g/n. Wanting to use the WiFi feature on the phone more when in the house.

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    The AirPort Express will "extend" the wireless network from the AirPort Extreme, providing increased wireless coverage. In general, the AirPort Express would be located at a point that is about half the distance from the AirPort Extreme and the area that needs more wireless coverage.

    To test and see whether this location would work, take your laptop or other wireless device to the proposed location of the AirPort Express and see if you can get a good, solid connection at that point. If you can, then there is enough signal for the AirPort Express to be able to "extend" it for greater coverage.

    Hopefully, there will not be too many obstructions...walls, ceilings, etc in the signal path as each obstruction will absorb some of the wireless signal.
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    Thanks. I will check into an Airport Express.
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    I have not had a chance to get an Airport Express yet, but interestingly enough: I turned on the WiFi to my Samsung Mesmerize 2.2.1 (USCC) phone and checked the signal strength throughout our 100 year-old 2-story home. My Airport Extreme (b/g/n) is based in an upstairs bedroom (turned into an office.) The signal strength in the office is incredible. As I walked out of the room (office) the signal strength deteriorated rather quickly, and of course as I went down to the main level of the house the signal continued to diminish. The interesting part is that when I went into our kitchen (which is directly below the upstairs bedroom office) the signal jumped back up to almost perfect. The WiFi signal evidently travels through the floor down to the kitchen better than out through an open door. Not sure what to think about that?