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I have a number of imap based email accounts on my iphone. These do not seem to sync with the server (i.e. if I read on server, the email still shows as unread on the phone).

This used to work, but for about a year, it hasn't (since I got my iphone 4 maybe). I am currently running the latest version of IOS 4.3

Any ideas?

Many thanks

iMac 2,8 GHz i7 8GB Ram, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    I have Gmail set up as imap on my iPhone 4 but in the past week or so the syncing is behaving just like yours. I read it on my iPhone but it shows unread on my iMac. This may have started with the latest iOS update because it was working a month ago.

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    Update: If I read it on my iPhone it shows read on the browser version of gmail but it shows unread on Mail on my iMac.

    Any thoughts?
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    John22: that seems to be normal for Mac mail.app. Restarting the program will correct the display of read or unread emails. Reading and marking emails either read or unread will update the imap server correctly but may not show in mail.app till you restart it. I've just learned to live with that because it seems to have been doing it since at least 10.5 and maybe even 10.4. all other imap clients seem to handle read status correctly, soot just seems as if the mail.app doesn't update it's display until a restart.

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    Restarting my iMac Mail program does not sync my read emails from my phone to by iMac mail client.  This is quite annoying.  I feel like I have to read email twice.....


    So now I don't even bother reading past emails anymore. If it's not withi the original displayed items, it's getting missed...  This really *****.

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    Are you using Dreamhost for your mail provider?