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hi guys ive got an iphone 4 and ive always taken care of it,then the other day i had it in my pocket went to get it out and noticed it had a crack along the front bottom corner of the screen,the only thing i think it could have been was i'd banged it in my pocket?
anyway i took it to the store in manchester and the apple advisor said i must have dropped it and even though theres no marks where it could have the floor etc and said it wasnt a warranty issue!
now im left with a iphone that doesnt have great signal especially being left handed,seems to freeze every now and then and its got a crack on the screen which im not sure how it got there as i know i didnt drop it and pretty sure i didnt bang it!
any one had any issues with there screens cracking without dropping them etc as i thought that the screen strength was a selling point of ip4?
always had an iphone but seriously considering alternatives after this ip4 has been abit of a let down especially after queweing in the early hours to get one on release date!
any advise would be great,so much for apples well know service as ive not seen that yet?

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