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hi guys ive got an iphone 4 and ive always taken care of it,then the other day i had it in my pocket went to get it out and noticed it had a crack along the front bottom corner of the screen,the only thing i think it could have been was i'd banged it in my pocket?
anyway i took it to the store in manchester and the apple advisor said i must have dropped it and even though theres no marks where it could have the floor etc and said it wasnt a warranty issue!
now im left with a iphone that doesnt have great signal especially being left handed,seems to freeze every now and then and its got a crack on the screen which im not sure how it got there as i know i didnt drop it and pretty sure i didnt bang it!
any one had any issues with there screens cracking without dropping them etc as i thought that the screen strength was a selling point of ip4?
always had an iphone but seriously considering alternatives after this ip4 has been abit of a let down especially after queweing in the early hours to get one on release date!
any advise would be great,so much for apples well know service as ive not seen that yet?

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    Anything can and will break. The iPhone 4 screen is pretty tough. Read this:

    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/This-iPhone-Fell-1000-Feet-siliconalley-3256683569 .html?x=0
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    From Apple's perspective, dropped or banged against something, whatever, is accidental damage. Their warranty does not cover accidental damage.

    I also agree that while the iPhone 4's glass seems pretty tough, of course it can/may be broken (even corning ware plates, glasses and dishes can be broken, and it is very tough). Is there any change you had keys, a pocket knife or some such thing in your pocket, where the edge or corner of such a thing may have been pressed hard against the glass? That kind of focused edge or corner force could well break it.

    I know it is not any fun having it broken, but it is not indestructible.
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    cheers for replys guys,just cant understand why make a phone out of glass!!
    wonder how many other phone makers make theyre screens out of solid glass?
    apple have really let me down with this iphone 4,ive had an iphone since they came out and quewed up in the early hours onthe release date to get this one only to find out the signal is rubbish especially if your left handed like me!,then allyou get is a cheap cover to put on your phone which youve just paid hundreds of pounds for, then it int cuts phone calls and im constantly doing a manual reset because something didnt work!
    would happily swap it for a 3gs tomorrow,give me back one of those where you can hold it how you want without losing service.
    well seriously thinking of trying a blackberry next,at least they might get a phone signal!
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    Just a FYI, any resistive touch based screen will be glass of some sort - so any Android phone, touch screen Blackberry devices and so on.

    I carried my 3Gs and I now carry my iPhone 4 in a Sena Kutu slip case (these are semi-rigid leather slip cases precisely sized to the phone). That means it is protected, when in my pocket, on all sides except the very top (which is recessed below the opening of the slipcase, but not covered. Even before the 3Gs when I had an HTC Tilt (which also had a glass screen) I carried it (if carrying in my pocket) in something that completely wrapped around it.
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    Try calling Apple about the cracked screen. My daughter had a 3GS with a screen that suddenly cracked without being dropped, and Apple replaced her phone without resistance or delay. She made an appointment, and dropped by the store for the exchange.

    Give a call to Apple care, and explain the situation.

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    The screen is made of glass because glass is the best thing to look through as far as optics go. Cameras and telescopes still use glass. That is why sunglasses made of glass lenses are optically better than a lighter material. The down side is glass is heavy.
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    I suggest reviewing the attached thread.

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    Michael Black wrote:
    Just a FYI, any resistive touch based screen will be glass of some sort - so any Android phone, touch screen Blackberry devices and so on.

    A capacitive screen will almost always be glass. Resistive screens usually aren't.
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    I cant understand why Apple thought it would be a good idea to have Glass on the back of the Phone, its an accident waiting to happen, it makes the phone feel very flimsy, looks nice but impractical isn't even the word...
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    My new iPhone 4s was sitting on my counter in my kitchen and when I received a phone call I touched the phone to discover the glass cracked.  I had pieces of glass in my finger tip.  I had not dropped my phone or bumped it on anything.  I live alone.  No kids, no pets.  No one touched my phone except me. The crack split into many pieces.  It looked like I hit my phone with a hammer.  I drove two hours to an Apple store.  They examined the phone.  No evidence whatsoever the phone had been dropped or anything.  Not a scratch on it.  I told them I knew it looked like I was lying but I was telling the truth.  They had the manager look at it and ultimately they said it was "accidental damage."  I asked if that meant something other than a defect in the phone.  They said yes.  I was told they had never seen anything like this before and they recommende I get Apple Care Plus.  They wold not replace the phone.  I swear I didn't do anything to cause the glass to break.  It's like it just spontaneously broke.