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Hi -

Does your iPod sometimes display the wrong album art for just some songs? I am posting this as a solution that might work for you. For some reason it took me a few weeks to find the solution.

But, first, I just want to get the disclaimer out of the way that I'm not an Apple employee, and I don't guarantee this will work, and you should back up your iPod first.

Here are the steps to fixing the album artwork: http://g-fav.blogspot.com/2011/03/fix-incorrect-album-art-on-ipod-touch.html

I learned this method from a reply within this 2009 thread: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=10354191

Basically, you: sync, make sure in OPTIONS that only checked songs are sync'ed, uncheck all songs, sync, check all songs, sync again. This worked for me and I hope it works for you too. There seemed to be a lot of complaints that some 2010 iPod software update is linked to the "some album artwork is wrong" problem.

Good luck! Please post here or in the blog post if the fix worked for you.


iPod Touch, album artwork
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    This post is an answer to a question that has been asked by numerous people on the Apple Discussions forum.
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    Thanks. I had this problem, and restoring the iPod Touch did the trick. Took almost an hour with 10 GB of music.
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    ** UPDATE **

    Although the "fix" restores the correct matching from song-title to album-art, the problem (at least for me) slowly creeps back into existence again.

    So, let's call the above a temporary solution.

    I wonder if anyone from Apple has repaired this yet.

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    (this is the reason for "mark question as unanswered")

    This appears to be a temporary solution.
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    There is a much easier solution. Right-click on a song/album and select "Get Info" from the menu that appears. Go into the tab labeled "Artwork" and copy and paste the album art into the box. Click "OK" and sync the song/album to your iPod.

    This involves less syncing and unsyncing.
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    The problem discussed above -- and elsewhere in these forums and beyond -- is when the artwork goes awry AFTER doing that. That's what the OP and others are asking about.
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    thanks so much iTouch4G! i have said ipod in ur username, and when i recently synced my ipod with the itunes on my new laptop, i noticed that now some of my album covers were mismatched. i was about to try a different process to attempt to fix the problem, but i saw ur post and thought what the ****, i'll try it and it worked!!!! i wasnt sure what exactly u were referring to when u said "box," as u could mean the box still in the 'Get Info' under the 'Artwork' tab (so ur saying to double up on the album picture there), or u could mean the box in the lower left corner of itunes that shows u the album cover of the song that u currently have selected/highlighted. so i just guessed and did the first one :3 and like i said it worked!!! im so happy now ^-^ thanks again!

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    Um, this only works if you don't already have the artwork. My issue cannot be resolved by any of the suggestions above because I don't auto-sync. I have way more songs in iTunes that could possibly fit on my iPod, so I pick and choose. Everything was fine until I got close to maxing out the iPod, then things went haywire. No artwork, no updating of Plays, Last Played, etc., between the iPod and iTunes. I've since cut the number of songs on the iPod in half, but this did not solve the problem. I'm hesitant to do a restore because I have playlists exclusive to the iPod that I would hate to lose. So, any other suggestions? This is an odd problem since the artwork and everything else is fine in iTunes.