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New MacBook 2011 15", 10.6.7 updated

When In clamshell mode, if I turn the TV to a different input source (or turn it off), the computer goes to sleep right away. My 2008 Macbook will stay on however, allowing me to VNC with iTeleport (until the sleep scheduler kicks in normally).

Is there a setting I am missing to keep it from shutting off right away? I read about resetting SMC, but thought that was extreme for a brand new machine just out of the box.

Thank you.

Thunderbook 2011, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 15", 8 GB
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    (All energy saver settings are set to "always on", computer power is plugged in and is connected to bluetooth keyboard and touchpad).

    When I VNC during the process, the screen goes blank on the remote VNC device but you can still see the top menu bar. When I switch the TV back to the correct source, the screen comes back and the VNC connection is never lost...

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