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Hi all!
I installed windows 7 through boot camp assistant/OSX install dvd and everything went smoothly with the exception of the USB drivers. Is there any work around/solution or additional support downloads that I need to do? I'm in school and need to use windows applications and usb support is a must. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Macbook Pro 13 8,1 2.3 GHz Intel Core 5, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iphone 3gs
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    What doesn't work? what are you doing or trying to do?
    Or is it just that there are some "!" in Device Manager next to some?

    If you installed off Apple DVD then you would gotten updates to Boot Camp 3.2.

    People more likely to have trouble with wireless keyboard/mouse and wifi. Not USB device.

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    Thanks for the quick reply! The message that I got was that the USB drivers were not installed. Everything else when completing the process using the OSX install dvd installed correctly. Tried doing an internet search and have come up with nothing. Is it that I need to reinstall the OSX dvd and try again?
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    No, you just need to be detailed and specific

    You need to run Apple Software Update in Windows to get BC from 3.0.x to 3.2 first.

    And, of course, doing internet search "MacBook Pro USB drivers Windows 7"


    Usually people using 64-bit forget to try using Vista compatibility mode on an installer (.msi) w/ Control + Click "troubleshooting using compatibility mode"
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    Thank you for your patience and the help! I will try tonight when I get home from work and thanks for the link! What I'm not sure of is how to run an Apple Software update from inside the Windows OS (I'm used to clicking the apple icon on the Mac side to run updates) - I've run the Windows/Kaspersky software udates with no problems. Also, if you haven't figured out, I still a few months old baby when it comes to Mac:), so I'm still learning.

    It was so late when I finished with the basics that I've not loaded any programs/software, etc on the Windows side. The only programs/applications that I plan to install are those specific to what I need for school and to use Mac OSX for everything else.