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I need to make sure all my contacts are synced - both directions - Google to iPhone and iPhone to Google. But its NOT happening!?

If I create a new Contact in Google, it syncs over in the "Exchange" Contact list which is what I use on my iPhone - all good. But, if I create a new Contact on iPhone, it seems to automatically associate with the "On My iPhone" group of contacts - NOT good!

So after I created 3 new contacts on the iPhone, and couldn't find them on Google, I started to explore and now see there are Contact "Groups" on the iPhone as mentioned above - either "Exchange" or On My iPhone"..

So my question is, how can I make sure Contacts, created on my iPhone, get into the Exchange Group, so they sync back to Google!???
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    You need to change a setting on your iPhone that specifies where newly created contacts are placed.


    The iPhone has multiple "accounts" where contacts can be added (the iPhone also refers to them as "groups").  There is a default contacts account/group called "On My iPhone".  Now that you have added a Google Apps account, you have a second option, because Google Apps has the ability to emulate an Exchange backend and can store contacts.


    Once you set your Google Apps account as the default contacts account, then newly created contacts will be placed there instead of in the "On My iPhone" account, and the sync will work as expected.


    To change the default, go to: "Settings"->"Mail, Contacts, Calendars" then scroll down the "Contacts" subsection. Click on "Default Account" and change it to your Google Apps account.



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    How would I add a contact to an account that is not the default? Example: I have Gmail (personal) and Exchange (work). Gmail is my default, but sometimes I want to add work contacts to the Exchange accoount. Is there a way to do this other than changing the default before adding?