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Hello guys please I need to know how many pages of apps I can download my iPad is 32GB + 3G I downloaded ten pages of apps and now it doesn't want to download more is that the maximum point? Please someone help!

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    There is a limit, but as a great workaround, you can create 'folders' of apps. You can load more than the maximum number of pages of apps without using folders but they won't be displayed. You can launch them with the 'find' function.
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    If you want to create folders - tap and hold down on an app icon until the icon begins to wiggle. Then drag that icon onto another app icon and it will create a folder. The iPad will suggest a name for the folder which you can keep or rename. A white horizontal bar will appear with the name of the folder. Just tap in the white bar to select the text, and delete and rename it. Tap any where on the screen outside of the folder and the folder will close. Tap the home button and the icons will stop wiggling and the screen is set.

    You can add 20 apps to each folder. You can have more apps than your iPad can hold by keeping them in your iTunes library and syncing the apps back to the iPad as needed. You can download apps on your computer in iTunes - you don't have to download them directly to the iPad.
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    Here is a great walk through to creating folders.


    Then how many folders and apps you can have will be somewhat dependent on the size of the apps and amount of room on your iPad.