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chasmcg22 Level 1 Level 1
Recently my iPad 2 has frozen twice. Once while browsing with Safari and again while in my Library. After freezing I can do nothing in these apps. I could go to other places such as Settings, Mail, etc. Once I went back to Safari or Library, they were still frozen. The only way I know to the solve the problem is to do a Reset. Is there a solution for this? Very annoying. Thanks.

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  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3
    Be sure to use the double tap feature of "home" button to bring up all the apps that might be running in the background. Then pick one of the app icons and hold it down until the start "wiggling" and then close all the open apps. I have found that it can lag / pause if you are jumping around from application to application but not closing down stuff in the background. Apple discusses it here and it sounds a lot like what you are talking about.


    Hope that helps.
  • digitallantern Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem and have tried to fix it as Dadof2girls describes. It worked once, but now doesn't work and the only recourse is to reset. Can't even read the morning news without resetting. Extremely annoying.
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    Might be a pain. However, at this point I would do a factory restore using iTunes and put everything back to day one. I have heard of rare offending apps, something that you have on your system that might be causing the problem also. Can be hard to diagnose. Upon the restore you can either use your backup, depending on how much stuff you have, or simply begin by downloading each of your apps one at a time using the AppStore on the iPad.
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    I will try the above solution if it happens again. Also will restore if that doesn't work. Although I don't have but 3 apps downloaded and a few books. Thanks for the reply.
  • lake man Level 1 Level 1
    I am having same issue especially at start up using the cover.
    Almost got locked out. Decided to turn off password so I wouldn't get locked out.
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    I too am having the same problem. If I notice i may be running too many apps, I do close them down under the background, however, even if I am just using one app it would still freeze. This already started happening since Day 1 of having the iPad 2. I took it down to an Apple store and they said to reformat and see if it still happens. It still did! Then the 4.3.1 update came, but it did not cure the issue. This is terrible, I am such a Apple fanatic, I hope they fix this ASAP.
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    I have wifi only version and never experienced this.
    My friend has a 3G and had some weirdness in safari(he also had 10 windows open).
    Out of curiosity, wifi or 3G?
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  • lake man Level 1 Level 1
    I think it may be the magnetic cover. I turned the automatic on/off cover function and I have been freeze free for twenty minutes ---a record. Was freezing every few minutes before.
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    I have the wifi version. this is ridiculous even if my background only has Safari running it freezes frequently. I'll try the magnetic cover removal. Once iPad stock recovers I'll get it exchanged.
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    I've been having similar issues on my iPad. Safari and the Apps store keep freezing! Also wifi is not always picked up although I know it is available on my iPhone. I've been clearing the cache, history, and cookies - that works sometimes. Sometime I try switch off and on. Maybe sing a little song!

    The real issue appears to be the iPad cover! The magnetic cover must be interfering with my wifi on the iPad. Since taking the cover off neither Safari or Apps store freeze. Just to be sure I'll take it to the Apps Store tomorrow and prove it so I get a refund on the cover! Shame as I love the cover but not as much as I love the iPad!

    Anyone else come to the same conclusion?

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    Hello all,


    I've just got my ipad2 last week, and i faced the same problem of Safari frozen. I googled and found this page giving a simple tip, i tried & it worked! Maybe you all can have a try too...



    iPad Safari frozen


    How to Fix an iPad with a Frozen Safari App


    1. Open the Safari frozen page.


    2. Hold the On/Off button till the Power Off Slide bar shows up. Note: Do not power off though.


    3. Press and hold the Home button until the Home screen shows up.


    4. Restart your Safari app, it should be OK.


    Clear safari cache and cookies


    Tap Settings > Safari and select Clear History, Clear Cookies, and Clear Cache.

  • Bigabs Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks so much - this sorted my frozen Mail.  Very simple as well!