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Just wanted to post that my Logitech s715i iphone/ipod dock is not working with iOS 4.3. By not working it doesn't play any sound.

It works fine with iOS 4.2, and I've seen posts of similar issues with iOS 4.3 and other accessories.

Mainly posting just to let people know there's an issue.


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    Even I'm on iOS 4.3.2 and doesn't seem to work. It charges my phone, controls music playback but no sound!!! I even cleaned my 30 pin connector as I thought that would be the issue but it just doesn't wanna work.

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    Yes, I've got the exact same problem.  We've got 5 iphones on our plan, the four with iOS 4.3 and above will not work with the player. The one phone still on 4.2.2 works fine. I did discover one thing, if you use a 3.5mm jack from the top of the phone to the back of the player then the other phones on 4.3 will work. However, you lose all functionality of the remote, battery charger, etc. I've been talking to Logitech but rather than just sending me a new unit they seem to want to blame Apple. I'm getting ready to just send it back. 

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    Yea that's what I'm doing for the time being. I thought it might have been a problem with my connector, but when I tried the same with my JBL dock it worked. I spoke to a logitech agent and he asked me to exchange the unit. But the problem still exists and they say there is no reported issue against the iOS 4.3 with the dock.

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    So you sent yours back for a replacement and it doesn't work properly either?

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    appreciate that this is quite an old post but did you ever manage to resolve the issues?  the exact same is happening on my new s715i and i'm running iOS 5.0.1.  Logitech tried to put it down to hardware failure which they accept was wrong when i advised that my old nano works fine... they now blame apple.


    very frustrating!

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    What ended up happening with my situation:  After much, much discussion (arguing) with Logitech customer service they finally replaced my unit with a brand new one.  The only reason that I went to so much trouble is that I really like the s715i.  To my disappointment the new unit performed exactly like the original, it worked fine with 4.2.2 but not with 4.3 as I described above.  I kept the unit anyway and on my next software update, I'm guessing to 4.4?? all of the problems went away.  We are now running 5.0.1 on all of our iPhones and the s715i works great with all of them.  So I believe that the problem rested with the iOS version.  With five iPhones and now an iPad2 I still run into quirks with the iOS, iTunes, etc, every once in a while that don't seem to work as they're supposed to or at least how I wish they would.  It is frustrating at times but on balance I still think the whole experience is the best out there so I'm pretty well married to Apple at this point.

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    Weird. I've just exchanged mine for a brand new unit and of course exactly the same issue! But, it works for you with iOS 5.0.1....well, I also really like the s715i so think I'll keep hold of it and wait patiently for the next iOS update. Fingers crossed it kicks back into action!


    Cheers cchfam

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    Yes dated, but applicable:


    I too have experienced the Logitech s715i error message stating something like, the accessory is not a supported device of the iPhone. The speakers will charge my phone but will not "connect" to play music. I have an iPhone 4S running version 6.1 (10B142).


    I too have contacted Logitech for support and am awaiting a reply.


    Can we get some help over here?

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    I'll jump back in here for what it's worth.  My Logitech s715i has continued to work with all versions of iOS beginning with 5.0.  However, we have now upgraded to iPhone 5s and so now it is mostly unused since it requires an adaptor for the lightening plug on the 5.  However, I still like the sound of the Logitech and found the "Logitech Wireless Boombox for iPad" at Best Buy as a discontinued product at half price for $75.  I bought all three of the ones they had left and now have music in the garage, bathroom and one of the kid's bedrooms.  It is basically exactly the same as the s715i but uses bluetooth instead of a direct connection and is still  battery powered if needed.  I've not had any issues with any of these and they link up with anything bluetooth that I've tried.  I had looked at the Jabra Solemate and the Jambox but both of those are near $200 and have extremely annoying compter generated voices that I didn't care for.  If money is no issue the Bose Soundlink II sounds better than any of them in my opinion.  All said, it sounds like Logitech continues to have compatibility issues...

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    Although I moved on to the iPhone 5 so wouldn't be compatible anyway I was able to establish that the compatibility issues were no fault of Logitech. Their support was great, apple ignored the issue. Tried it with at least 4 different phones (family, friends - not all mine!) and worked fir everyone but me! So, I resorted to using an aux cable. Won't charge and can't use remote but still a great little system...