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I have a Gen. 4 iPod Touch, and my Touch, iTunes and AppleTV all have the latest updates. Today I wanted to play a video from my iPod on my AppleTV via AirPlay, and a window popped up on my Touch saying: "AirPlay Password - Enter the password for Apple TV"

I was never asked for an AirPlay password before. So, I just entered my iTunes Account password, and it keeps getting rejected.

However, I am able to get on the Internet with my Apple TV and watch videos on YouTube.

Please don't tell me to reset my password. It works fine with iTunes and the iTunes Store. Why is AirPlay asking me for a password, and how do I put one in if it won't accept it?

HP dm3, Windows 7, iPod Touch Gen 1 16G , Gen 4 32G 4g, OS4.2
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    You can set a password on the Apple TV to stop Airplay without permission, this is a separate password from your iTunes Account or indeed your homesharing password. This may be the password you are being asked for. (Settings/Airplay from your Apple TV)
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    That did the trick. Thanks, man!
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    Under Home Sharing Setup:

    It asks for Apple ID, which I assume is my Apple Password.  _________

    I hit SUBMIT



    When you enter your Apple password it of course doesn't work, you are prompted to go to http://iforgot.apple.com on your computer.


    I did that countless times, but nothing. It takes you on an endless loop.


    NO password works for this, NONE!!!!!!! Why so many damned passwords!!!!!


    BTW, if you search for Home Sharing Setup on the Apple site you get nothing!

    You'd think that Apple would even try to help consumers instead of sending them on endless loops throughout their very, very faulty system.





    I searched for "Password" in Itunes and got zero matches, yet there is supposed to be a password in itunes because one of the steps I had to go through mentioned was creating an itunes password.


    How many passwords does Apple need? When setting up AppleTV and if you go to Sign In it takes you to another page that shows your Apple password than then it asks for your Itunes password for your Apple password!!! ***!


    There are zero explanations anywhere in any Apple literature or on their site to explain any of these problems, not one! I have searched all over Apple and my searches have led to results saying they couldn't find anything pertaining to simple things like itunes, Home Sharing Setup, etc...




    Hey Apple, since you have NO ONE who is capable of writing easy instructions, or even rational instructions, hire me at $500,000 a year and I will make sure your customers are happy instead of frustrated. But knowing how corporations work, you would rather lose a hundred billion dollars than to hire someone who could prevent that loss.