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  • JE13 Level 4 Level 4
    I'm sorry, Jeremy, my bad, I misread and thought you'd stated you had an MBA. But you have a Pro. Having re-read what you said about your MBP, I'm actually in agreement with rredge that there is no point in getting an MBA unless you plan on doing a lot more traveling with that laptop.

    I almost never work at home, and so an MBA is a dream machine for me. It's light, takes up little room in a travel bag, fits on small tables, has a good battery life so I don't have to worry about finding it a plug, and has the SSD, which works when I have to quickly shut down and move, then get right back to work again. I open and close the lid a lot.

    As you see, that's quite the opposite of a laptop that spends most of its time sitting on a desk, always open, always on, always plugged in, and hooked up to a display. That laptop doesn't need to be slim, light, with the best battery power, etc. You'd get more for your money with a new Pro. And you might find Thunderbolt to be very useful. As devices and plugs get made for it, it will transmit a lot more data very fast between machines--like, for example. downloading or uploading photos.
  • Jeremy Thompson1 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for all your opinions.

    Think i might still go for a MBP when i change.

    New design next year perhaps?

    Either way going to wait till Lion comes with it.

    Can you get the 11" MBA with the Ultimate set up or only the 13"

    Do both work fine with the lid closed connected to an external display?

    Always worry my MBP will 'boil'

  • Dr Sly Level 1 Level 1
    My two cents, if you are still shopping between MBP and MBA:

    I have had, since mid-2005, one iBook, 3 MacBooks, 6 MacBook Pros, and 2 MacBook Airs. I still have a MBP mid-2010 (17", tricked out with a Crucial SSD and 8 GB RAM), and the 11" MBA, cheapest one.

    Initially, I bought this MBA 11" as a 'toy' alternative to my heavy and bulky MBP 17", as I travel a lot. I also have an iPad, but found myself missing the full breadth and depth of OS X as opposed to the iOS experience.

    Well, let me confidently say that my MBA 11", lowest specs, is so bloody awesome that I now find myself using my MBP 17" about 10% of time or so. Of course, it's not a gamer platform, nor a heavy-duty platform, but I haven't tried such things on the MBA, really. What I did try is my regular workflow (Office 2011, programming with Xcode/any IDE, occasional Windows 7 through Parallels, watching HD movies, etc.). And let me tell you sir, there's nothing in that list that screams "go back to the MBP!". Nothing at all.

    The flash based disk on the MBA is lightning fast. Crazy stuff. Best purchase in a while, even for something I didn't really need.

    I would recommend an MBA, even the smallest/cheapest, for most workflows which do not require heavy duty work like Final Cut or 3D game programming (why would they want an 11" display is another question, anyhoo).

    Peace out.

    Dr Sly

    PS: forgot to mention, I use OS X Lion dev preview on both machines, and yes, even with all the bugs, they run like a breeze. Would not go back to OS X Snow Leo even at gunpoint...
  • slyguy_28 Level 2 Level 2
    hawleyrw wrote:
    This is hands-down the best laptop I've ever owned. I will by another as the next gen comes.

    I agree, and yes. I'll buy another too...

  • fuzzydog Level 2 Level 2
    I traded in a 1 year old 15" mbp for an 11" mba for one reason. The mbp was big and heavy and my notebook needs are limited - it isn't my main computer. I use the mba for email, basic writing, and keynote presentations in classes I teach. The mba is a great and elegant computer. I particularly like the "instant on" feature and lack of mechanical hard drive. It is NOT however adequate as one's sole computer. The screen real estate is just too limited for multi tasking. Due to screen size it is one app at a time. But for me the small weight was the deciding factor.
  • valhuber Level 1 Level 1

    My experience is clear: go for the Air.  You can read the details here, but to summarize:

    1. I am a Developer, using Eclipse, databases etc etc
    2. I switched from a 2010 MBP 2.53 GHz i5 with SSD, and the 2011 i7 Air is.... faster!
    3. Heat not a problem - cool and quiet
    4. All my apps ran, including Fusion/Windows 7


    I am amazed by it, I think you will be too.

  • Phoenix Group Level 1 Level 1

    2011 13” MacBookAir vs. 2011 13” MacBook Pro

    Both are the base models, the Pro has the optional128GB SSD to match the Air.


    MacBook Air - $1299

    Macbook Pro - $1449

    Winner = MacBook Air


    MacBook Air –  13.3” 16:10 1440x900

    Macbook Pro - 13.3” 16:10 1280x800

    Winner = MacBook Air

    CPU Performance:

    MacBook Air – i5-2557M

    Macbook Pro – i5-2410M, Single Thread 5.5% faster,Multithread 13.5% faster

    Winner = MacBook Pro


    MacBook Air – 384MB Intel HD 3000 (IntegratedGraphics)

    Macbook Pro - 384MB Intel HD 3000 (IntegratedGraphics)

    Winner = Tie


    MacBook Air – 0.68 in thick max, 45.2 in^2

    Macbook Pro – 0.95 in thick max, 108.5in^2

    Winner = MacBook Air


    MacBook Air – 2.96 lbs

    Macbook Pro – 4.5 lbs

    Winner = MacBook Air


    MacBook Air – 50WHr, 7 hours

    Macbook Pro – 63.5WHr, 7 hours

    Winner = Tie



    13.3”MacBook Air by A LOT

    So you give up slight loss in single thread speed,for something that is much heavier, much larger, and has a worse screen. Basically you would be mad to pay more for a MacBook Pro.




  • kingjay_q Level 1 Level 1

    ok, I've been having this dilemma since the 2010 MBA was released. First i will tell you how i use my devices and whether or not its worth me getting the 11.6 inch Macbook Air.  First I use my iMac as my main media device hub.  So any movies, music, and photos are stored on my iMac, and then eventually ported to my iOS devices. The iPad is my main portable entertainment device as far as movies, netflix, storing some light amount of photos, music.  The iPad travels with me to work everyday.  Now my Macbook Pro (2010) , i rarely bring to work unless i know there is going to be really long work hours, basically my Macbook Pro is used for creating documents (which i dont do often), Video Games (NBA 2k11, COD MW2, Borderlands,) I store some photos and movies on it but not too much.  As far as photo and video editing programs i use sparingly, and for personal use at that. 


    SO with this said I really love Apple tech but trying to justify a MBA purchase which doesnt really make sense, being that i don't really use my MBP for extensive work related purposes. 


    I guess i answered my own question but I enjoy reading your reviews and opinions.  LOL

  • JE13 Level 4 Level 4

    Kingjay, I think you did answer your question.


    If you want to get a new computer, by all means, get the 11" MBA as it sounds like all you do on your MBP could be done with ease on the 11" Air. But frankly, I'm wondering why you don't just use your iMac for creating documents? It sounds like all the portable stuff you like to do (games, movies, music) is handled by the iPad. In fact, it sounds to me like you should just get the iPad keyboard and turn the iPad into your portable computer when you need to type up documents.


    I hear Pages for the iPad is really great.


    I actually know quite a few people who say that once they got their iPad, they stopped usign their laptops altogether. I, myself, can't because I do a lot of writing, and I need a machine with a keyboard. But if you don't use that keyboard all that much, if you could do all you need to do for work and play on the iPad when you're not at home and on the iMac when you are at home...why not just get rid of the laptop computer altogether?


    Something to consider.

  • Codingrecipes Level 1 Level 1

    This is just me but I do 3D game programming and naturally run apps like, Xcode, Cheetah 3D, Blender, Photoshop, FireWorks and my own apps, mostly at the same time using an 11" maxed out Air with an external display, tempretures are acceptable and I get 3-4.5 hours of battery life.


    As I understand, you have 15 days to return and get a pro if you change your mind but let me tell you, I tried all the small laptops as they came out, there is nothing like this one...


    I hope this helps...

  • Jeremy Thompson1 Level 1 Level 1

    I still cannot make up my mind.


    Simply for everything apart from video editing/very image heavy works it seems they are pretty similar...


    Would this be a fair assement?

  • imref Level 1 Level 1

    I switched from a 15" MBP to a 13" MBA in December.  I haven't really noticed any speed issues, and it didn't take long to get used to the smaller screen size.     I absolutely love the lightness of the MBA, and speed of bootup.  I run mostly Office apps plus SPSS for statistical analysis. I have 4GB of RAM and the 250 GB drive in the Air.


    I've had a few quirks with the MBA - DVI connection to my external monitor flakes out so I switched to VGA (the monitor screen randomly goes blank when using DVI),  and I can usually cause a cascading set of app freezes by plugging my BlackBerry into the USB port for charging.  I also miss the backlit keyboard (which is now included with the latest MBA's).  Running any kind of video or video chat sends the fan into overdrive.


    Overall, I am very happy with the MBA and I would never go back.

  • JE13 Level 4 Level 4

    Jeremy Thompson1 wrote:


    I still cannot make up my mind.


    Simply for everything apart from video editing/very image heavy works it seems they are pretty similar...


    Would this be a fair assement?

    Yes and no   Similar in what they're both able to do, yes. Especially if you're talking about a 13" MBA vs. a 13" Pro. What you can do on one, you can probably do on the other, even the video editing. BUT there are still other differences. Like you can't up the RAM on the MBA. 4gb Max. Whereas if you decide, later down the line, that you want up to 8gb RAM, you can add that on to your Pro. That could matter a lot if you feel that your needs might intensify and 4gb RAM won't be enough. And let's remember also that the Pro still has an optical drive. To some that's still important.


    And, finally--and this has always been and still is my one issue with the slot for a Kensington lock. The Pro has one, the MBA does not. You can't lock up your MBA to a table (actually, there is a way but it's a bit complex). Which means when I need to take a break, I close up my little 11" and take it with me.


    On the other side, there is the difference in size and weight. And when it comes right down to it, that's the big question you need to ask yourself. Not only "do I need a large HD and/or more than 4gb RAM?" and "Do I need an optical drive?" but also "How important to me is portablity?" When I look at this question of Pro vs. Air, I find that in most cases what the person plans to do on the computer could be done on either. Which means that what it really comes down to is where the laptop will be going (or not going). A laptop that's staying on a desk most of the time can be either. But if that laptop will be taken on a lot of trips, be with the person as they bus, bike, walk from place to place--if it's going to be slipped in and out of bags all day....MBA. That is what the Air is really all about. Light and slim.


    So if your computer needs are such that you could get either, start to look instead at your lifestyle--where you work on a laptop, how much you carry it around. Then go to a store, play on both and get the one you fall in love with. In the end, that's what matters most, that you pick the one that you want to work on.

  • Jeremy Thompson1 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks JE13 even more to think about


    9 times out of 10 its on a desk conected to an


    So i'll have to check if a new MBA or MBP is able to connect to that like my current MBP is through min display port adapter?


    Then i might do work round the house or outside, as well at other places.


    The decision is always a laptop, its just which one.


    I rarely use my dvd drive the odd time to install an old program but sparingly for actually watching dvds on it.


    I've not upgraded my MBP's ram or HDD once since 08, i tried to install an SDD but i must have a random SATA connector or something as no SSD is stable inside my machine unfortunatly


    So i appreciate all your questions, i'm even less sure now lol


    Draw a straw, it might come down to me saving 200quid really getting a MBA really.


    Is the different worth 200quid?

  • JE13 Level 4 Level 4

    Jeremy Thompson1 wrote:


    Is the different worth 200quid?

    I'm afraid that's not a question we can answer because we don't know how important 200 quid is to you


    Here is the one and only thing to think about. Have you played on both? Which did you want? Always go for the computer you're going to want to play on I can't say if the difference is worth 200 quid to you, but I can say that, usually, being on a computer you love and want to work on, as compared to one that doesn't do anything for you, is often well worth 200 quid or more.

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