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  • Captain Apollo Level 1 (25 points)

    Well, my only computer is the MacBook Air 11. I tried the MacBook Pro 15 but found the display to be fuzzy compared to the sharper display on the Air. Plus the SSD drive makes everything much faster. I bought the Thunderbolt display and I use it like a docking station. At home I have a massive high resolution LED monitor; on the road I have the thinnest, lightest, fastest laptop I could find. Best of both worlds.

  • Mulderscully Level 1 (60 points)

    I have a 2007 Macbook Pro and was getting tired of carrying it back and forth to work. 


    I picked up a Summer 2011 11" Air and love it.


    Simply for the portability of it.  It does everything my Macbook Pro did and it's much, much lighter!


    I no longer dread carrying my computer around!

  • Dr.V Level 1 (0 points)

    I went from a Macbook Air (Intel Core 2 Duo) to a 15" Macbook Pro (Quad-Core i7), and have been realy dissapointed. I cannot believe how much better the Macbook AIr performed over the Pro.  Just goes to show how insignificant sometimes the processor is, never thought that would be the case. I feel like I've downgraded, pretty dissapionting being that I paid a lot more for the Pro.  Main reason was I wanted a 15" HI-Res screen and more power to run multiple design software on OSX and Win at the same time.   My overall impression of the Macbook Pro:  Slow (compared to the Air), HEAVY, noisy (even when at rest, you always hear the fans and hd, not so with the AIr, gets really hot (not so with the Air), keys are set different and make more wiggle noise (feel cheap compared to the Air), so much for the speakers (Air's sound just as loud and you can't even see them), and finally Quad-Core i7 for nothing because it's made no difference to me.  15" Macbook Air is my dream machine. Can't wait, Apple make it happen!

  • Mini-Mac Level 3 (810 points)

    Well well, well.  Looks like Im not the only one deciding on the Air or Pro.  I bought the 11.6" Air (Late 2011) for my wife with the new i5 and 125GB SSD about a month after anouchment.  I've had the 15" Pro for a few years and wanted a a new 13.3" laptop, and cound not decide between the Pro and Air.  After several months of deciding on December 31, 2011 we were in the Apple store in Southlake, TX and I told my wife I was getting a new laptop.  She said which one?  I said I don't know but Im tired of trying to decide.


    I ended up with the 13.3" ultimate Air with AppleCare and free Printer........I can't believe the joy this computer has brought to my life.  It is for sure the best laptop I've ever owned by leaps and bounds. 


    Back when I had the 13.3" Black Macbook with 2.4 GHz processor it was my favorite. 


    I really thought I'd end up with the Late 2011 13.3" maxed out Pro instead of the Air (sure glad I compared side by side).  I alway think about future upgrades before buying a new computer and that's why I really wanted the Pro.


    The real deciding factor (for me) was the native screen resolution on the Air (1440 X 900) verses native resolution on the Pro (1280 X 800).  THERE REALLY IS A DIFFERENCE!


    Apple Laptops's I've owned:


    • 1 - 12" iBook Wht 2005-------1 out of 5 stars (sold 2006)
    • 1 - 13.3" MB Wht 2006--------2 stars (sold 2007)
    • 1 - 15.4" MBP 2007-------------2 stars (sold 2009)
    • 1 - 13.3"MBP 2009--------------3 start (sold 20011
    • 1 - 15.4" MBP 2009-------------3 start (sold 2011)
    • 1 - 13.3" MB Blk 2009 ---------3 1/2 stars (stolen 2010)
    • 1 - 11.6" MBA LT 2011---------5 (wife's) Late 2011  
    • 1 - 13.3" MBA LT 2011---------5 (my new baby) Late 2011  
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    I have a MB Pro - 15" 2010 with a dual core i7 - and I have an opportunity to swap it straight across for a 2011 13" MBA, 1.7i5, 256 SSD.  I'm casual user and am mostly home based and almost continually connected to large (26 and 25") monitors.  I use a USB adapter to hook up the second monitor.  Would the trade be equitable?  I like the feel and speed of the MBA.  Opinions?

  • JE13 Level 4 (3,920 points)

    dsilvertx wrote:


    Would the trade be equitable?  I like the feel and speed of the MBA.  Opinions?

    Tricky question. The thing is as you have it "almost continuously connected" to a large display, I'm really not sure if it's worth switching or not. The great benefit of the Air is it's portablity, and it seems silly to switch to an Air if it's not going to be going anywhere. With your 15" and the display, you essentially have a kind of "iMac" there, as you have a disk drive (missing from the Air). Your 15" also gives you the option to up the RAM and get a larger HD, not possible with the Air, if you needed more speed and storage.


    I almost want to suggest you go for a desktop instead--or maybe a mac mini.


    What do you use this for now? What will you be using it for in the future? And would the Air in any way make you more likely to leave the house? If you're not leaving the house, I see very little benefit to getting an Air. SSD is really nice, but the primary reason for getting an Air is because you want a laptop that is ultra slim and light, something you can take anywhere and everywhere.


    Is SSD all you're after?

  • dsilvertx Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the response.  Right now, I'm using an iPad2 for all of my out of the house needs.  If I'm not home, the pro just sits dormant.  I was thinking that the Air would be a good candidate to replace both.  Lots more portability without much more weight.  Will the air drive 2 large monitors as my pro does - or is that a silly question?  Does the additonal graphics processor in my pro have anything to do with the above?  I would think not, but don't know.  I'm thinking that if I do a straight across trade for the air and then sell my iPad, I'm coming out ahead financially and in full fledged usability.  Of course, I'm in love with new as well :>

  • Mini-Mac Level 3 (810 points)

    If I were you here's what I'd do:  (what I would do)


    1.  Keep the iPad. 

    2.  If the Macbook Air is a NEW one then I'd swap it, but get the i7 1.8 GHz 256GB SSD.  If USED, swap only if it has the Samsung SSD drive (much faster than the Tohiba SSD).  Getting the ultimate Air would be better resale down the road.

    3.  Get a Mac Mini (new or refurbished from Apple) and connect it to your monitors as a base computer (it will last for years).  Or get a Mac Mini from Ebay (only late 2009 model C2D with 2.53GHz processor or higher) for around $450 add 8GB RAM ($70) and 500GB 7,200 RPM HD ($100) and you have a great base Mac computer.


    My setup is:


    1.  My wife and I both have a Mac Mini 2.53GHz (Apple refurbished with AppleCare) connected to 24" Apple displays (late 2009 models with 8GB's ram and 500GB 7,200 RPM Hitichi HD's each)  MAIN COMPUTERS (hers and mine)

    2.  My wife has the 11.6" Macbook Air 125GB SSD i5 1.6 GHz (Samsung SSD and Display).  For mobility.

    3.  I have the 13.3" Macbook Air 256GB SSD i7 1.8 GHz (Samsung SSD and LG display).  For mobility.

    4  My wife has the 32GB iPad2.  For fun and watching movies on plane trips.

    5. I have the 64GB iPad2.  For fun and watching movies on plane trips.




    It's a very difficult decision deciding on a Pro or Air (I've been through the pain) in the end Im very happy I went with the 13.3" ultimate Air.  However if the 13.3" Pro had the higher resolution (1440 X 900) I would have bought the Pro simply because of the upgradeability.  I almost got the the 11.6" Air for me instead of the 13.3" Air because of it's perfect size for portability, but the battery life was 2 hours less than the 13.3" Air.  Also remember the iPad's battery life is far superior than any laptop (I've watched 3 full length movies and still had 15 to 20% battery life left).  No moving parts in a Air equals longer life. 


    You indeed have a difficult decision to make.  Pleas keep us informed!

  • dsilvertx Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks VERY much for laying things out so completely.  Yes, the SSD is fthe faster Samsung, but the Air itself is about 4 months old.  I've owned a mini before and enjoyed it, but traded up once I got into  the Pro family.  I have indeed decided to hold onto my iPad, as it is so portable, battery generous, and just a lot of fun.


    I've already turned down the trade.  If it doesn 't sell in a bit, I may offer my computer again - but with a $200 premium on his end.  Forgot to mention that my Pro is covered by AppleCare until April of next year.  That's quite a considerable amount to trade away...

  • Mini-Mac Level 3 (810 points)

    Good decision keeping the iPad. 


    Remember the Samsung SSD drives are a pot luck when buying from Apple or elswhere.  You just don't know if you'll get the Toshiba or Samsung.  If I were you I'd re-think the swap (if you really want the Air), you can get AppleCare for the Air since it's only 4 months old.  You can get AC from here for $180 FYI sku&sku=10125


    The Pro line is a great computer line but so is the Air.  It all depends on your want's and needs.  Dollar for dollar Im supprised the Air seller is willing an even swap.....if it were ME I would have to ask YOU for money in the swap (I am partical now though).  BTW, why is he/she wanting to trade anway? 


    A good way to figure the worth of your computer is go to Ebay and search your and his, then compare.  Most people don't know there's a difference in SSD's on the Air but the ones that do will pay a premium for the Samsung over the Toshiba (for now).  Just looked at Ebay pricing and the MBP (your spec's) and MBA (spec's) not knowing the SSD brand the price looks to be pretty for thought!


    Good Luck!

  • dsilvertx Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the reply.  Thanks also for the tip about AppleCare - that's a great price.  Our values do seem comparable computer-wise.  He wants a larger screen is what the reason for his swap is.  He still hasn't sold, so I stll haven't stopped considering it...

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    So I was raised Apple, when my Dad worked for the company back when IBM was the computer to get. Since age 7 I've been a PC. I looking to get a new laptop and people have been screaming Apple at me.


    I'm a writer. And my current laptop (an HP Mini) has eaten two manuscripts of mine and I am done with it. I also have a very LARGE itunes library (lots of videos too). I really like the stability of an Apple but can't decided MBA or MBP. It seems a lot of people are MBA. I am not a graphic designer, I don't play games, but I do surf the Internet and of course write. My Itunes are already on an external hard drive (which has also started to die on me) so any help would be greatly appreciated.


    BTW... my screen size is 7" ANY thing larger, even an 11" will be awesome, so screen size is not an issue.

  • j_bm Level 1 (0 points)

    No need to even ponder this, you're an MBA. Also, if you write I'd stronglky suggest the following software:


    Scrivener - the best writer's software on earth!

    Growly Notes - great for keeping scribbles and other references and thoughts

    Thinking Rock - the best organizer/time manager on the planet


    The only thing you'll be upset about is why you waited so long!



  • Phoenix Group Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes MacBook Air is what you want to get. Personnaly I think the base 13" model is the best value. If you are not looking to purcase within the ext few months you may want to wait for an updated Ivy Bridge (new Intel Processor) model that will come out later this year (prob Q3).

  • JE13 Level 4 (3,920 points)

    Stareena wrote:


    BTW... my screen size is 7" ANY thing larger, even an 11" will be awesome, so screen size is not an issue.

    I'm a writer, too. I have an 11" and I do just fine on it. The wonderful thing about the MBA (about all Apple laptops) is they all have the same full-sized keyboard. So even though the 11" is small, the keyboard is not and is wonderful for writing. All the same, you should go to a store and check out 13" vs. 11" MBA to see which you like better. Some find the 11" screen too small--I myself, love the smaller screen and also lighter weight and smaller size to carry around.


    And I agree that if you are a writer you should check out Scrivener, a great Mac program for writers. Once you get the MBA, you can download it for a 30 day free trial and see how you like it.


    As for Hard Disk space for all your music and such, be aware that you can get 256gb 11" if you order it from the Apple Store online. If you buy in a store, you can only get 128gb 11" (tops). Many folk don't know that you can get a larger HD for the 11" and think they must get the 13" in order to have 256gb. If you want the 11" but need a larger HD, you can get it, you just have to get it online.

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