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I have an iPod Touch 4G (the newest version). If I were to download Garageband through iTunes on my PC, would I be able to install and use it on my iPod Touch?

32 GB iPod Touch 4G, iOS 4
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    Eman25000 wrote:
    would I be able to install and use {GBi} on my iPod Touch?

    no, the minimum requirement is a first generation iPad
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    darn....well, Apple should really let you use it on your iPod...it would get them more money...but they want you to buy an iPad...
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    I will be getting a iPod Touch 4th generation soon once i have saved up enough money... iPod 4gs now are on ios 6 and that is their top end however, garageband i beleive is available on ios 6.. Give it a try, im not saying you defiantly can get it, its just my friend is on ios 6 and has it....


    Cant wait to get my iPod because im currently on an iPod touch 2nd generation