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Hey, I just bought my iPhone today, and plugged it into my computer and iTunes said it had newer software to install to the iphone.. so I agreed for the installation to start.. and halfway through it says it cant be complete or something.. I tried googling the problem with no sucess.. I've tried the reboot option (I think I did it correctly? holding down the power button and the menu button?) Didn't work.. tried updating itunes.. i have the newest version.. tried installing it on my other computer.. didn't work.. so I tried calling Telus (Service Provider I am currently with) and they are shut down for maintenance. (just my luck) .. would very much appreciate a reply as soon as possible?


(my pc is Asus G73JW... running windows 7, my secondary computer runs XP and its a dell i think)

Asus G73JW, Windows 7
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    Many anti-virus and firewall programs will cause problems with software downloads and iOS updates from Apple. Turn both of those programs off (you might want to reboot to clear the memory cache as well), do your update, and then turn them back on. During the iOS update process, your computer calls home to Apple to exchange information. When that is blocked by your firewall, you get pretty much what you are seeing.