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Bit of an odd question, I've got 2 iPOD Touch 4G's (one for each son) and they are arguing over who's is who's. They were bought about 2 months apart and I think I know which is which, but I'm assuming the serial number will decipher the build date and prove which is which.

So, how does one decipher these codes? I know last 4 (DCP7) is the iPOD Touch 4th Gen, but haven't firgured out the build week or year. Does anyone know the answers?


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    might [this|http://dailyator.com/how-to-decode-your-iphone-serial-number/23607> help ?

    a possible alternative may be [this|http://www.mactracker.ca> app.

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    Nope, these aren't working. I guess I shouldn't have set these two iPODs up so alike. I know the kids have screwed with the names on these things to. I've really searched the web high and low to no avail. Only luck I may have is from appleserialnumberinfo.com. They seem legit but I wasn't paying close enough attention and screwed up entering my free searches so I have to wait another 24 hours. I paid for some searches but then realized it may take "...up to 72 hours" for the account to be created. It ***** to wait

    So if anyone know any of the serial number details it sure would be great to know them.

    I've got the following serials:
    - C3TDQ3WBDCP7
    - C3LDQYF4DCP7

    I know what the the DCP7 means, just trying to understand the rest.

    Thanks again!
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    Try entering the ser#s here. You should be able to tell via the warranty expiration date.
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    That works, many thanks! I thought I had searched it all, but apparently I didn't see "all" of the internet. Again, many thanks!