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Ever since the iOS 4.3 update, my most recent notes disappeared. They go back two months and then the old ones are still there. I use the default notes app from Apple. Does anyone know this problem? And how can I get them back.
I did not make a Time Machine backup.

Thank you very much!


iPad 1, iOS 4
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 (23,830 points)
    You seem to say that most of the notes which have gone walkabout were actually created and present prior to 4.3 being loaded, which lends doubt to the iOS being the culprit.

    Mist of the time, notes are not really gone. They're just in another account, or list, or catalog, or folder, or whatever metaphor you prefer. Check there first. Also check to see if they might still exist in whatever locations they weed being synced to.
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    Hey there.

    The disappearing notes just happened to me as well. The maddening thing is: I know they still exist, I just can't access them! Here's how it went down:

    I upgraded to OS4.3
    I left for vacation.
    I created notes.
    I deleted a defunct email account.
    The notes are gone.

    I can't sync. Is there a way to search the trash?
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    Were the notes linked to the email account ? IMAP email accounts can have notes associated with them, and if you select an IMAP account in *Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars* you can chose whether the notes appear in the Mail app or in the Notes app. If you were creating notes in the Notes app, and you were in the email account that you've deleted, then if you restore the email account they should re-appear. Have you tried re-inputting the email account, or logging into it via a browser to see if the notes are there ?
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    Wow! Thanks for answering!

    I've been going over and over it since I posted... I'm 90% positive that I never associated notes or anything with that account. The timing was just such a coincidence, that I believed it had to connect somehow.

    But here's the thing... I've only created about 14 notes so far: Say 6 On-My-iPad, 6 linked and synched to my still-functional google account, and 2 new ones since the update.

    The 6 iPad ones are still in Notes. The 6 notes attached to Google are now visible within Google, but not in Notes. The 2 new ones are not visible as of now.

    I did reboot once, after I realized that the Google account notes have appeared there.
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    To respond to your earlier idea: I don't believe I can restore the old account because it no longer exists. I closed it about a month ago. However if it seems key I'm certainly willing to give it a try.
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    I havn't got a Google account so I'm not entirely sure how they work, but for me if I go into *Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars* and select one of my IMAP accounts, on the pop-up that then appears if I set Notes off then the notes associated with the account appear in the Notes app and setting it on gives me a Notes folder in the account in Mail (though a couple of times I've to close the Mail app via the taskbar so that it then refreshes and the 'Notes' folder appears).

    In the Notes app itself you can select which account(s) to see via the Notes button in it's top left corner. It's possible, though obviously I don't know for sure, that you'd selected the now-deleted account when you created the notes. It also appears (though again I'm not 100% sure) that if in Notes you have All Notes shown, that if you then create a new note it will be stored under the top listed email account - or at least that is what is happening on my iPad - so if your deleted account appeared at the top of the list of accounts that may also explain where they went.
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    Hi all,

    I would like to add my 2€ in here.
    I purchased an iPad 1 a few days ago and used Notes to type while away from home text I had to recover onto my PC later on.
    Yesterday, I was back. I synced my iPad and all notes were gone... you can imagine my feelings ! (actually this is the very reason why I arrived in this forum).
    Then, understanding nothing said above and in many other topics on this touchy subject, I decided to go and read my 115 email (Google Mail).

    SURPRIZE, all my disappeared notes were in my email folder on my PC
    I went to the NOTES setup on the iPad and noticed that the default account setting was set to my Google email account. Why I did that when I bought the iPad, no idea, but the fact is that, at SYNC time, my iPad sent all my notes to my email account, then deleted them. No harm done, they are now on my PC...

    Just to provide some "blue sky" to those who will arrive in this thread one day, all their Notes gone !
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    Unfortunately, I couldn't retrieve my notes. They may be in your backups, if your phone/iPod Touch did a backup before a sync. If so, you can use JuicePhone to make the backup files viewable.

    http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-989577.html This thread from macrumors says there should be a db in the backup, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find a db file in any of my backups.

    To stop the notes from disappearing, which is what an Apple tech said to me, you must reset your sync history. On a Mac, open iSync-->click iSync in the menu bar-->preferences-->advanced-->reset sync history. On a Windows PC, click edit in iTunes-->preferences-->devices-->reset sync history. Resetting the sync history may only be temporary, but at least it works. It won't delete your current notes on your phone.