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I have NO knowledge whatsoever on computer terms and things like that... but my laptop is getting really old, and I'm planning on buying a MacBook to replace it very soon. I was wondering if anyone knew if the highest end MacBook Air could handle playing Sims 3?
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    Well, yes. The Sims 3 is pretty intense on graphics, but the MacBook Airs have excellent graphic cards. The 11 inch model should handle it just fine, so you can really run it on anything. The MacBook Air is designed for portability but yet power as well.

    Specs for the Sims 3 were probably still written mostly for HDD drives. Remember, the MacBook Air uses a SSD drive. This means that the drive does not spin, and it is mounted on the logic board just like the iPad and iPhone. Because the computer can access its data faster through the hard drive, the processor does not have to be quite as powerful. Apple wouldn't make it if it wasn't awesome.

    The one thing I would recommend is RAM. Try to max out your RAM as much as you can depending on which Mac you get, especially because what you get on the MacBook air is what you're stuck with. Meaning that you cannot go back and add RAM later. Everything on the MacBook Air except batteries and speakers are built directly onto the Logic Board.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you! I'm gonna plan to get an Air in the next month or two then, and I even learned something about computers from that post, haha.