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I am new to OS X and my MBP. It's a late 2010 Unibody purchased just a few weeks ago. I have an external Apple BT trackpad and keyboard (which I love... Takes a lot of wear and tear of the mac unit when I am using at home).

Anyways, today I noticed the MBP screen was black as I had not uised it for maybe 10 minutes. The white LED was on solid. I know when it's slowly fading in and out that the computer is asleep. I assumed it was in sleep mode and tried to wake it. It did not wake up clicking keys or the trackpad. I them went onto the main kayboard and started clicking many different keys. If did eventually come on. Not sure what key did it.

When I manually put the computer to sleep from finder, the LED goes to solid on and then changes to blinking slowly.

It seems that since adding a spinning HD to the Optical bay, the system sleeps in 2 phases. Light on until spinning HD has stopped and is safe.

My question after that long description is what does the Solid LED indicate?


MBP i7, Mac OS X (10.6.6), SSD, with WD Black 750gb 2nd disk 10 second boot