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I am new to OS X and my MBP. It's a late 2010 Unibody purchased just a few weeks ago. I have an external Apple BT trackpad and keyboard (which I love... Takes a lot of wear and tear of the mac unit when I am using at home).

Anyways, today I noticed the MBP screen was black as I had not uised it for maybe 10 minutes. The white LED was on solid. I know when it's slowly fading in and out that the computer is asleep. I assumed it was in sleep mode and tried to wake it. It did not wake up clicking keys or the trackpad. I them went onto the main kayboard and started clicking many different keys. If did eventually come on. Not sure what key did it.

When I manually put the computer to sleep from finder, the LED goes to solid on and then changes to blinking slowly.

It seems that since adding a spinning HD to the Optical bay, the system sleeps in 2 phases. Light on until spinning HD has stopped and is safe.

My question after that long description is what does the Solid LED indicate?


MBP i7, Mac OS X (10.6.6), SSD, with WD Black 750gb 2nd disk 10 second boot
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    Solid means the system is awake/on, the screen may be black if it's set to switch off in the Energy Saver Preference Panel but it should 'wake' by hitting the space bar or any other keyboard key (or touching the trackpad and moving your finger)

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    Thanks Michael. So, when the system is currently in use, the white LED is not on, I assume that is normal too...

    Fading in and out = Sleep mode
    On = Screen off but system awake and drives spinning
    Off = System on and working (screen on) or system off, obviously

    I think I get it.

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    No, the white LED slit to the right hand side of the MBP has three states:

    On - System is awake and active (even if screen has gone off due to energy saver setting)

    Pulsing - System is in Sleep Mode using low power and can be woken by opening the lid (or touching a key if in Clamshell Mode - external screen and keyboard attached)

    Off - System is OFF and will not restart until you open the lid and press the Power button.

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    Off = System on and working (screen on)...

    This is also correct.
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    I now understand how the LED represents status of Mac.
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    Just to clarify (as eww's post and mine appear to contradict but ...) the sleep light will be Off if you have the lid open but in Clamshell Mode (using an external keyboard and mouse) the light is on solidly when On.