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Hi all
I have an old 24" white plastic iMac, running snow leopard (updated regurarly). The 250 Gb internal HD crashed, and I changed it with an other 250 gb Hd I had in a windows computer. This HD is not new, but it is working.
I test the "new" hd on an MacPro and I could properly initialize and format it.
My Problem is that iMac cannot see the new HD. if I connect the iMac via FireWire (with the T startup option), I can easily acces the drive, but disk utility cannot see and access it, so I cannot install the operating system.
I have already reset the pram-nvram. No change.
Any idea or suggestion? What can I try to do?
I live in an area with no apple facilities,mandate hence I should try to fix the problem by myself. Any help is more than appreciated.

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