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Hi all
I have an old 24" white plastic iMac, running snow leopard (updated regurarly). The 250 Gb internal HD crashed, and I changed it with an other 250 gb Hd I had in a windows computer. This HD is not new, but it is working.
I test the "new" hd on an MacPro and I could properly initialize and format it.
My Problem is that iMac cannot see the new HD. if I connect the iMac via FireWire (with the T startup option), I can easily acces the drive, but disk utility cannot see and access it, so I cannot install the operating system.
I have already reset the pram-nvram. No change.
Any idea or suggestion? What can I try to do?
I live in an area with no apple facilities,mandate hence I should try to fix the problem by myself. Any help is more than appreciated.

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    Hi Federrico

    The HD you put in the 24" white *Intel iMac* needs to have the Partition Map Scheme set to *GUID Partition Table* and then the Format set to *Mac OS Extended (Journaled)*

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    Not sure to understand.
    I initialized the hd on a macro, using the extended/journaled option.
    I don't know partition table, as the disk utility does not have any option about it.
    On the Mac pro Inwas able to writemdata on the disk itself, and I can write data on the disk installed on the iMac but only via FireWire, so I assumed that initializing,formatting where ok.
    How can I checkmate partition table?
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    Yes but if you pulled the drive out of a windoz box then it's Partition Scheme is probably set to Master Boot Record and you need to change that to GUID Partition Table for your Intel iMac.

    Look down at the bottom > http://www.kenstone.net/fcphomepage/partitioningtiger.html

    Or follow the instruction in blue at > http://web.me.com/pondini/Time_Machine/5.html
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    Ok, thanks for your help.
    Now I understand what you meant.
    The partition table is now GUID ( one partition only) and the format is the correct one.
    I had to check them using the FireWire option as I cannot access the drive from the disk utility on the iMac.
    Unfortunately, the system is still nit working and I cannot access the disk from the iMac: when it asks what disk I want to utilize, the windows is empty, and if I click to Utility, disk utility in the snow leopard install disk menu, the computer stay forever trying to retrieving informations, but the hd does not appear. Any other idea?
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    Do you recall the spec's of the drive or if by chance it had any jumpers on it?

    For example: a 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Drive which is what you would need for the iMac would not require any jumpers, where as a 6.0Gb/s Drive might need to be jumpered down to 3.0Gb/s in some Early Intel iMac models. Likewise if it is a 1.5Gb/s or is a 3.0Gb/s Drive that is jumpered down to 1.5Gb/s them it would be wrong for that Intel iMac model.

    For a reference point, see WD's SATA Jumper Settings for installing a new Internal Hard Drive. http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1400#
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    It was a maxtor 250 gb drive with, as far as I know, no jumper setting.
    What seems strange to me is that I can see the drive with firewire and not by
    the computer itself. I guess that a controller fault would render the drive unavailable always...
    Moreover the fault of the original drive was a mechanical failure (fanny noise from the inside of the disk).