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i want to share a garageband project from an ipad to another one, but when saving it from itunes to my computer, it is stored in folders. If i send the folders to another computer, it is not possible to import these folders using the itunes, (so the project would go straight to the garageband ipad app)

Is there any other way to share it from an ipad to another??


PS: im using itunes for windows

Windows Vista
  • tzigularov Level 1 Level 1

    i am having the same issue. i would think it should be possible to share garageband files with another ipad even if you don't have a mac so people can collaborate with others on projects.
    hope there is a solution soon

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    Apple Music

    I'd love to get an answer to this, too.

  • woland99 Level 1 Level 1

    Likewise - Apple should really add that feature. Seems that you can export project and load it back again - but you cannot import project not previously created on GB on your iPad.

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    When transferring projects there are several ways to do this. If you talking about transferring a project that when loaded from the other person they get all your settings as you see it on your iPad. Ie. tracks that we're recorded, reverba nd delay choice and settings, instruments used ect... Then NO. What you can do is simply email the track or song to the other person. When they receive the email they can open it and save the audio files in garagebands and it shows up in the iPad GarageBand apple loops folder which then you drag and drop them into your project. You can also open the email audio right from within your iPad if you have Daw Multitrack or MusicStudio App for iPad then you simply hold down the song icon in your email for a few seconds and the option to open the file comes up by these two apps. Simply select the app to open it, copy to the pasteboard and that audio is now available throughout all you audio apps that support pasteboard copy which is pretty much all of them. To paste in GarageBand simply choose an empty track make sure you select the microphone, make the bar count set to auto, set the tempo to the songs tempo, set the key signature to match the song and touch the blank track and you will see paste, touch paste and whatever was in the pasteboard at the time will be pasted into your project. If someone wants to see an exact duplicit of what you are seeing then send them a note or text with the setting since there is only 8 tracks and just a few minor FX setting they should be looking at what you are fairly quickly. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays.