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I have a MacBook with a 250 GB drive and a iMac with a 500 GB drive, will a 1T Timecapsule have suffient space to backup the two computers, or will I need a 2T?

Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    The general rule of thumb with the Time Capsule is that you need about twice as much space as you have data to backup. This allows adequate space for a good history of backups.

    You don't mention how full your 250 GB and 500 GB drives are, or whether you plan to fill them to capacity. If you plan to fill them, then you would need approximately 1.5 GB of space or more on the Time Capsule.

    If you only foresee using say, 200 GB on the MacBook and maybe 400 GB on the iMac, then a 1 TB Time Capsule will probably be just fine for your needs, allowing you 6-8 months or so of backups before the oldest backups begin to be deleted to make room for new backups. It all depends on how fast you add new data. Obviously, regularly adding a lot of new photos or movies will fill a drive much more quickly than normal day to day browsing, etc.

    As far as having too big of a drive....I have yet to meet the first person who ever regretted buying too much storage space. Drives just have a way of filling up quicker than you might expect. If your budget allows, the 2 TB drive takes a lot of the guesswork out of things.

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    Tom thanks for your help.