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Michelle Bravo Level 1 Level 1
iTunes is updated and works fine and I am able to log onto my account. When I go to purchase a song, I get the error message "Your Apple ID has been disabled". I've tried different methods: changing passwords, making a new account with another email address, and emailing itunes tech support. I am curious as to how many others have been experiencing the same issue. When I googled the error, it seemed like it was happening extremely often with many people.
We all love their products, but they always come with a lot of issues and horrible customer support.

CG Series ASUS, Windows XP
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    It is likely due to a security concern. They do this to help prevent hacking of your account.
    Just contact them about it to get it resolved.
  • Skywalker6732 Level 1 Level 1
    Same happened to me. When I look up this issue, most answers lead me to "You Apple ID has been disabled due to security reasons.". I reset my passwort but I still get "Your Apple ID has been disabled.". I wonder how long it takes to receive an answer from tech support.
  • Sco2 Level 1 Level 1
    I contacted Apple via e-mail on the 4/7/2011 and I was told to look over my purchases and make sure everything was in order. They also wanted to know my last purchase, I gave them the info she said she would have to send my request to a higher level. I gave her the same info (4/8/2011) and I've heard nothing back. I send it 2 more times just to make sure, still nothing, is there a number I can call?
  • serengettinut Level 1 Level 1
    Are you kidding? I have contacted you guys several times and Nothing has been done! I am so frustrated with your so called customer service. The reply comes back apologetic and sincere. I did as instructed, but haven't gotten my issue resolved. I've had 2 different girls supposively working on my account. After initial reply, they absolutely ignore me and have done nothing. also the 24 hr response is a joke. The Express Lane does NOT work. Tell me another route. I have already complained to the BBB about you guys.
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    Who are "you guys"?

    This is a user to user forum. You are NOT addressing Apple here at all. We are ALL itunes users like you.

    I have had no issue in getting results and responses from itunes support, the few times that I have needed it.

    Express lane or e-mail is the way to contact them.

    You can try contacting Apple customer service ( click the "Contact us" link at the bottom of this page). Not sure of they can help. They can certainly do more than anyone here can do as we do not work for Apple.
  • serengettinut Level 1 Level 1
    Oh Michelle, I have the same problem. I had my gift-card stolen and used. When I complained they credited it back to me but disabled my acct. "until I was ready to enable it" I sent them the required info to have it enabled and have gotten nothing from them. I sent my first request for it to be enabled on April 4th. Several since then. They are totally ignoring me now. I also love their music, but am fed up with the lack of customer service. And there is no calling them. :((
  • serengettinut Level 1 Level 1
    sorry roaminggnome I looked at your post wrong. I am just really angry. I have had nothing but problems with Apple's customer support. I'm glad you have had good responses from them.
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    Sorry about your problems.

    Maybe calling Apple customer service will get some response. Not sure.

    Hope all goes well.
  • serengettinut Level 1 Level 1
    OK! :)) Thanks roaminggnome. I did already try calling Apple support. it asks you what you are having a problem with and when you say "Itunes Store" it automatically directs you to the website and says goodbye. So I tried again and when it asked me what product...this time i just hit the zero button a few times. Well it transferred me to a real person. They were very helpful. What they had to do was go on a live chat with the store. The first time the guy tried, they cut off the chat in the middle. Being the nice guy he was, he tried again. He finally got them to enable my account. I then had to go to to reset my pswd. I am happy to say that i can purchase music again. it took 30 min on the phone, but they were extremely nice unlike the help (or lack of) i got from itunes store express lane or e-mail. Thanks again for your suggestion roaminggnome. I hope I've helped someone else. whew!
  • m.smith Level 1 Level 1

    I am going thru this very issue right now.  I went to an Apple store & the associate had me reset my password, so I created a new 1.  That didn't work.  He told me to contact iTunes support, which is frustrating me because I was looking for a telephone number versus having to search for support online (which has been a timely job in itself).  I tried searching for help online yesterday evening & reset my iPhone.  That didn't work.

  • wtweaver Level 1 Level 1

    You have to insist that the tech assisatant contact itunes him/herself and set up a chat. Don't let them off the phone until they do that. I got the same error message and it turned out that my credit card on file had been hacked. In that case they just shut everythong down tight, and an authorized person has to reenable it.Then you reset your password, sync your devices and you're all set.

  • PilgrimLad Level 1 Level 1

    Great advise. Although I was transferred twice and a tech assistant names Chris (sounded like a black male) said he could not help me until I bought an iPhone Tech service plan.  When I asked for his manager he hung up on me.  Chris you should be FIRED!   The fourth person I talked to was Bree from Tuscan Arizona. She was great and handled the call as described here and my account works fine now. Bree you should be promoted with a raise. Thank you for you help.

  • debphilly Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there, I don't know if this will work for you, but it worked for me.

    A few days ago, my iphone 3G was not able connect to itunes. I tried resetting my password using my iphone, to no avail. I went to my itunes application on my mac and tried to sign in. I failed as well. I tried resetting my password, but I still could not sign in.

    then I noticed that when I clicked reset, it gave me the option of changing my password or unlocking my apple ID. I tried unlocking, went through the steps and it worked!
    I hope this helps you.

  • vickifromwestville Level 1 Level 1

    My Iphone 4 is telling me the same thing and I believe I figured out what the problem is.  I had some fraudulent charges on my itunes account, so I call my bank and disputed the charges.  Right after I did that, I started getting the message "Your apple ID has been disabled."  I just realized today that the charges are not fraudulent, they are "in app purchases."  One of my daughters downloaded the game Top Girl which is FREE, but in the game Top Girl you use money in the game to purchase things.  It just so happens that the money you use to purchase things is real money MY Money!!!.  My daughter thought she was using play money in the game and had no idea she was using real money.  She spent $106.00 buying stuff.  Now I have to call the bank and tell them to release the hold and pay Itunes.  I'm hoping this solves the problem.  Here is the link to learn how to disable "in app purchase" on your iphone or ipad.


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