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I have recently downloaded the ESPN Scorecenter app, and I would like to be able to receive the notifications for my favorite teams. It tells me that I need to enable the push notifications (the specific message is: "You are not registered for Alerts. Please enable Apple Push Notifications in the main settings area."), but I am not able to do so since it doesn't show up on the main settings menu. I have tried turning my notifications off and back on, and I still get the same message...Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

iPhone 4 Verizon, iOS 4
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    go to settings, then notifications, when you turn that on, any apps that send you notifications should show up on the screen and allow you to turn that specific app's notifications on. i have scorecenter and i just tried it, no problem. i have it turned off to save battery though, and only turn it on if i want to check something.
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    Once you have turned on notifications in settings > notifications on your iPhone home screen, go to the ESPN app under your team's alert preferences and click the button "sync alerts" to essentially tell the ESPN app that you have enabled notifications. In my opinion this should be done automatically on startup but alerts won't work until you do this...