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This morning I sat down to begin a days work and turned on my iMac, running snow leopard 10.6.7. A very strange problem occurred. There was only the Finder icon and the Trash can icon in a very short shrunk down dock sitting in the middle of the bottom of the screen...

There has been a small problem over the past couple of weeks with regards to the Kodak printer installed. After login, the operating system seems to struggle to load the preferences. I figured this is because the printers SD card reader starts up iPhoto automatically. If I try to open another application the whole thing freezes and cant even force shut down application of computer. I decided to turn off the auto start up via the iPhoto Prefs.

After doing so I carried on as normal and shut down the computer in the evening. This morning, there was no dock applications!

After checking the plists in the preference folder I noticed the were 5 versions of com.apple.dock.plist with strange random code like bits at the end eg. com.apple.dock.plist.6OOUgYM. Opening these in texteditor they all appeared to be blank except the one without the code attached.

I've fixed the problem now by simply deleting all entries of com.apple.dock.plist with the added random extras and also the one without. I didn't delete the com.apple.dock.db as I figured this is the database for the dock so may be required.

I tried to empty the trash and found that one of the plists with the random attachment was still in use.
To stop the system using this rouge plist i used the killall Dock terminal command which got rid of all.

Restarted the computer and the dock returned. unfortunately as a default.

As this has never happened before I figured I don't want it to happen again so I have now backed up a com.apple.dock.plist with my preferred applications and saved it in my little problem folder in docs folder.

I hope this information is helpful

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8
    You can delete the Dock.db file. However, that will reset the Dock to the defaults and you will have to "rebuild" your Dock to your liking. If you start seeing that behavior again, try deleting that file and start over with the Dock. It may be that file that is corrupted.

    I can't say as I have ever seen what you describe. Those sound like temporary files of some sort. And, one of them being still in use seems odd. The Dock should only need to read the plist once and close. I don't know that the system will try to duplicate and recover a plist, so I'm at a loss as to why it was creating those files.
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    I experienced all of my dock items disappearing before my eyes yesterday. I have already rebuilt most of the dock items. But the dock items do not stay where I place them, they seem to snap to some unknown arrangement of their own. I have only one Com.apple.dock.plist. Is there a solution for this?
  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8
    You are only supposed to have one "com.apple.dock.plist" per user.
    You should also have a com.apple.dock.db file. Try deleting that.