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Any advice? Thanks! Info: Creative D200 speakers. Called Creative and they c/n help. They said to contact Apple. I've followed all connectivity instructions but my macbook and the speakers will not connect. The speakers are listed on the computer's Bluetooth Device page. Under System Preference in Bluetooth it says:
Device Name: Creative D200

Device Address: 00-02-3c-25-74-59
Device Type: Audio
Device Services:

Paired: Yes
Configured: Yes
Favorite: Yes
Connected: No

macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hello please:

    Welcome to Apple discussions.

    I do not want to seem to be suggesting you run in a circle. However, unless someone who has your third-party device reads the post, most of us cannot troubleshoot non-Apple devices (including me).

    I did look at the Creative web site. Have you explored that carefully? There are detailed setup instructions for your device.

    I would delete it from system preferences>Bluetooth and start all over with the pairing/connectivity.

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    Thanks so much for trying to help me. I'll try your suggestion. I have thoroughly read the speaker manufacturer's instructions and even phoned them. After being unable to help me, they said to contact Apple.
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    Hi pleasehelpme89


    I accidentally stumbled across a solution! After connecting using the regular bluetooth menu on OSX, long press the bluetooth button on the D200s (as if you were trying to pair again) and you should get connectivity. I don't know why it fixed the problem, as in my case the D200s were displaying exactly the same output under Bluetooth Devices as you... but hey! It worked!





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    As a follow-up to my post above, if the speakers keep flashing even after you long press the D200's bluetooth button, playing some music should stop the flashing and get you connectivity.





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    Having exactly the same problem as pleasehelpme89 with these D200 speakers and a Mac running OS 10.4.11, and phlinuks solution did not work for me.


    The set up assistant finds the speaker, and appears to successfully complete the link, but the speaker system's blue light (indicating successful connection) fails to turn on and defaults back to green.  I also cannot choose the speakers in System Preferences.


    These speakers are listed on the Apple web site as Mac compatible, so what gives?  Is this problem specific to OS 10.4?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    So I have had the same problem, exactly. I could not remove the device D200 speaker from my imac bluetooth preferences. And I repeatedly tried to add it again, having to start over with the pairing process, and each time it would connect for a moment (only on the imac bluetooth preference list) and then go back to "not connected." But the window on my imac bluetooth preferences would say, at the end of that cycle, that it was paired and I needed to use a headset. Good grief.


    So I unplugged the speaker. Waited for 10 seconds, plugged it back in, and then hit the bluetooth button on the speaker (long press) and kaboom, connection.


    Peripherals. What can I say. We love our end-to-end.


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    Hi there!  I got to this page via Google so thought I'd leave a reply on how I finally got the Creative Bluetooth speakers to work with my Macbook Air:


    When I first tried to setup the speakers, I had my macbook connected to a flatscreen TV and I believe this is what was causing the problem.  For some reason, the macbook was only recognizing the computer or the TV as possible audio output options.  Once I disconnected the TV, the setup for the Creative worked; kinda.  I removed the device then rediscovered it again.  While it showed as connected, no sound was coming from the speaker.  I paused the song on iTunes, fiddled with the sound volumes, and then it suddenly started to work.  I reconnected the TV and the macbook now recognizes the Creative as the preferred audio output.


    From a use standpoint, the sound works and the speakers are better than using my macbook speakers or the TV speakers.  I still prefer my JBL iPod dock as the sound is better, but considering that ports are changing and a bluetooth speaker can serve a lot of purposes, the Creative speakers were a good, reasonably priced buy.