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hi there,
ok so lets begin with my ipod:
ipod touch 3rd generation

i bought my ipod on a vacation to australia 1 year ago.
so in the last month i had alot of problems with my gyroscope.
on all of the apps i couldn't be on landscape mode.
i couldn't play any games with gyroscope.
like doodle jump and alot of others.

when i tried to install an app from appstore which needed the gyroscope (lets say the app "Gyroscope")
i got an error which said:
This app is incompatible with this ipod touch
this app requires a gyroscope.

so i tried restore and update the version and reset all the settings
and than the gyroscope suprisly worked for 2 days or so
and than it got all doesnt working again and i tried restoring again alot of time but still didnt work.

and now i really dont know what to do..
i bought the ipod in australia and i live in middle east.
so i dont really know what should i do..