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My friend has her iPad stolen and was wondering a few things. I know all about the tracking applications and mobileme and such. I already contacted apple too. What I want to know is:

Can the police track the iPad from the serial number?
What if the iPad is turned off?

Thanks! Information is much appreciated!

macbook pro, iOS 4
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    If you have the FindMyPhone activated and the iPad is on and connected to wifi (or 3G) the FindMyPhone app or website will find it. The police can't do any better. The serial number will only allow positive verification of the specific iPad.
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    MobileMe will not work if the iPad is off, location services is turned off, or if a SIM card is removed (depending on iPad)

    Police cannot track, sorry.
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    The "Find my iPad" function is as valuable as the beeper that tells you where you left your cordless phone. It's useless for a stolen device. Obviously, it won't work when the device is unpowered but any thief with half a brain will immediately "Restore as new" and it's as if he/she is the legitimate owner!

    The police can not "track" the iPad but, if one is retrieved, they can identify it as yours if you had given them the S/N.
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    What happens to the location data after you located you ipad and realize it has been stolen. I used the wipe function and I no longer can track the devices. Is there location database/history file  in mobileme when use the function locate my ipad? When initiated the wipe I lost the location information where my ipad was discovered.

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    how can I track my ipad air 2 if its not registered with apple please contact me

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