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  • matarua Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I too have had crap sound from my MacBook Air, but the solution when found was a bit confounding.


    I have all the settings correct but the Jambox connected as a headset, sounded bad, checked settings. Over and over checked Jambox settings, as I have done a number of times, and it does not help one bit.


    So I see on here that restarting iTunes might help, I do that and boom! Perfect sound. Yes


    I don't quite know why that helped, perhaps some common settings across iTunes and the sound preferences? Confounding yes. So it was an Apple issue for me.


    Another Apple issue is no drivers for Jambox in BootCamp, so no chance of using it all via BlueTooth in Windows through BootCamp.

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    I have the same issue when connecting to a bose wireless music system. The sound quality when using an iphone or even an old bluetooth enabled nokia is much better than when using the built in mac bluetooth.


    The bose came with a USB dongle that would would connect to the device at high quality, however, wear and tear means that this is now broke and I didn't fancy paying £100 for a new one.


    I bought a 3rd party bluetooth dongle, but this does not improve the sound quality.


    My bose system is connected as 'headphones' and I can't see any other ways to edit any settings with my device, I think it's definitely a mac issue and is rather irritating.

  • nigel103 @ the willow Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Sam, I have had the same problem- your fix worked! Many thanks I can now listen in the bath (safely) with my Jambox

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    A quick, simple, and o.k. way to improve things is as Sam directed above: go to sounds in your system preferences and select "headphones" for your Jambox. The sound will improve significantly.


    But -- the vastly superior way is to:

    1. Connect your Jambox, while it's turned off, to your Mac via usb
    2. Go to:
    3. Download and install the Jambox updater
    4. Update your Jambox via the website (download and update speeds will vary depending on your connection)

    Your Jambox will sound better than ever.


    Source: df

  • ekkis Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    well, I got home, plugged mine in and started playing music from my iPhone in no time flat. Opening the box was more difficult. However, I'm disappointed with the volume. Sounds teeny and if I hike the volume I get distortion. Pity. They're going back.

  • Benjamin Mann Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    No not at all fixed for me and many others.  I have tried.

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    Think I've figured this one.

    With iTunes closed pair the JB

    System Prefs. > Bluetooth

    Bottom of left hand window is 'advanced' cog type symbol.

    Uncheck 'used device as headset'



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    I'm running a 1 year old MBP with 10.6 (I forget what animal that is) and referred to this post to help me troubleshoot.


    I was experiencing great sound from the Jambox when connecting it to my iPhone 4 but really crap sound when connecting to my MBP. I've been able to fix it thanks to you guys!


    Here's what I did:


    1. stopped iPhone connection and turned off the Jambox

    2. updated all the software via MyTalk connection

    3. went into MBP System Preferences/Bluetooth and removed the previously paired Jambox

    4. turn on the Jambox and pair it w/ MBP again, make sure to connect in Stereo

    5. restart iTunes


    That's what worked for me - best luck to others!

  • Benjamin Mann Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi Guys,  I've read all responses here with interest but still no perminant fix.  Sound is okay for a few songs then distorts badly until I restart iTunes or the Jambox.


    I have the latest JamBox undates installed and I have removed and refound it on bluetooth..


    MaTaKa what OS are you using I can't see the 'used device as headset' option


    What really annoys me is that this is clearly an Apple problem as JamBox is fine with other devices.  Yet Apple are selling loads in every Apple Store and don't want to know about sorting out a perminant fix for the top of the range MBP user.



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    I'm not only having problems with Jambox playing iTunes on my MBP , but also with audio feed from videos playing on Firefox.  Sporadically iTunes will just not play with Jambox paired.  I will try restarting iTunes (but I don't think you should have to do that!).  With audio from internet videos, I am getting distorted sound.  Do I have to shut everything down and restart when pairing with Jambox?


    If you folks are finding no problems with pairing to other devices, I have to agree that this is an Apple problem.  I'm very disappointed as well (as is my husband, who gave me the Jambox as a gift and was hoping it would be delightful).

  • MaTaKa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @Benjamin Mann

    I'm running 10.5

    I paired the JB, when tobluetooth pref >> selected the JB and the 'advanced cog' offers a 'configure this device' option. From there I deselected said box...


    So long as JB is in range I dont understand why it would work OK to start then quality deteriorate!?

    I always assumed the distortion came from it being pair as a headset; ie 1x channel for mono output and anotherfor mic input. Since I don't intend to use this as a headset I unchecked that option.

    Since then it has been working fine.(so long as it is paired prior to opening itunes.)


    I am personally very disappointed also; whilst I have it working fine with various mobile devices it is still shaky on the mbp.


    Another issue however is my thinking that I could pair upto 5 difference devises on it at simultaneously.

    I was picturing a 'sound off' type scenario with a few pals taking it in turns to drop quality tunes from each of our ipods/iphones etc.

    Ha! no such luck..truth of it is bumbling on/off, reconnect/repairing goings on between tracks from different sources.


    I would be interested to knowif any of you folks have managed to pair more than just one devise at a time!?

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    This worked for me, as well.  Thanks daspirom!

  • Benjamin Mann Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for trying to help MaTaKa.  I'm running 10.6.8 and the option you mention does not exist on this version.  The BT opritons on 10.6 seem very patchy and certainly not a good match with the Jambox that is sold in every Apple Store.  I don't know if 10.7 is any better.  Perhaps someone running 10.7 could let us know.



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    Same poor quality with 10.7.2 on MacBook Pro.




    regards, Sven

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    Hi there. I've got the same problem. I bought the jambox in the UK and the US store will not take responsability for it (as I live in South America, it is impossible for me to return it).

    Any tips? I get a very POOR quality sound when using wirelessly... I tried everything that was mentioned in this forum and still does not work,


    I will certainly appreciate it.