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Why are the edited playlists on my ipod touch being overriden by the old playlists in my itunes?
I know there's an option to all the playlists in itunes to be updated by the playlists on my ipod, since I add songs to my playlists mostly from my Ipod not Itunes.
In otherwords, lets say I have a "Running" playlist on my ipod. I add like 5 songs from my ipod library to the "Running" playlist. However when I sync my Ipod to Itunes, Itunes overrides the most new "Running" playlist on my Ipod with the original "Running" playlist on my Itunes, that dosen't have the new 5 songs that I added from my Ipod.
This is the most current version of Itunes, which is 10.2.1
Thanks in advance

Windows XP, Ipod touch 3g