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At the risk of being chastised for double posting, I tired on the Mac Pro forum and got no answers and few views:

I love my 2009 Mac Pro, recently purchased new with the Airport Extreme wireless card preinstalled. It sits next to a 27 iMac I use as a monitor. The iMac connects to my network perfectly well, as does my Macbook Air when placed on the same desk, the point being, the problem isn't signal strength: the wireless reception of the AE card in the Pro just plain stinks! The iMac and Air get more than double the speed of the Mac Pro with the AE card. I searched for solutions but there appears to be no consensus on how to address the problem (lots of people do seem to have it), aside from getting a Mac compatible USB adapter. I've tried the powerline ethernet adapter too, which, perhaps due to old wiring and/or interference in the house, was not much of an improvement.

Does anyone know exactly what type connectors the card uses and the make/model of suitable external antennas known to have high gain? Also, if the antenna has different connectors, what adapters do I need? I've tried tech support and a few Mac centric vendors, and everyone seems baffled with no real answers.

Thanks in advance.

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    As far as I know there is currently no (or never been an) external antenna connector on the Intel Mac Pros that are equipped with the AirPort Extreme card. There are, as you know, a number of vendors that provide external transceivers that typically plug into a USB port.
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    The AE card in the 09 Pro has three connectors but only two are used in a 2x2 MIMO configuration, whatever that means. The antenna is currently connected to the internal case antenna, which apparently is shielded by the case itself.