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I have created a slideshow of a bunch of pictures into idvd and added music. It really worked great but I want the slideshow to loop after it is done playing I would like to have it restart automatically without having to go to my remote on the dvd and replay it again. Is that possible? I would like to play this slideshow over and over again at my daughters graduation from high school. Thanks ahead of time of any help I can get.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I you go to the screen that allows you to add images, set duration, etc. you will see a 'gear' icon at the bottom right called 'Settings'. Click on this and select 'Loop Slideshow'.
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    Hi Shelly1291

    Welcome. I prefer simply adding slideshow with the + plus sign bottom left corner and then selecting slideshow once photos have been added to it (from media pane r. side /photos) ... and hitting the "i" right next to the plus sign to bring up the inspector followed by a simple check mark for the "loop" function on the upper left corner of the dialog box. Like so:

    click here

    Your choice. Hope this helps but if not just come on back.

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    what if you want the loop to play from itunes as a movie? is that possible? what is the best way to loop a movie that was made in iPhoto that I need to play from iTunes? Thanks!