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so i just got a new Mac Book Pro today. I want to sync my ipod touch to my new computer and put the music from my ipod on to this computer but i cant because i didnt de-authorize my Ipod touch and itunes from my PC laptop, the problem is that my PC laptop doesnt work anymore so there is no way for me to go in a de-authorize the computer. how do i sync my ipod touch to itunes on my Mac?
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    Authorize has little to nothing to do with syncing an ipod.

    What is the issue?

    Just authorize the new computer. This will allow you to play any itunes DRM protected ( pre itunes plus) music on the computer.

    Have you reached the limit of 5 authorized computer? If so, then deauthorize all:


    Not sure what issue you are having with syncing your ipod. Perhaps more information would help.
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    i authorized the computer but it still isnt working. when i plug in the ipod a box comes up and says the ipod is already synced with another itunes library and that it can only be synced with one itunes library at a time and then gives me two options its says "erase and sync" which replace the contents of this ipod with the contents of this itunes library or "transfer purchases" which copies itunes store purchases this computer is authorized to play from this ipod to this itunes library which one of these options and i supposed to choose without erasing everything thats on my ipod already
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    This is absolutely correct.

    The ipod touch will sync with one and only one computer at a time. When you sync to another it will indeed erase the current content and replace with content from the new computer.

    This is the way it works.

    You should move EVERYTHING from your old computer, or your backup copy of your old computer to the new one.
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    the only problem is that i can turn on my old computer but i cant access anything including itunes or the internet on it because its not working anymore because it was attacked by a virus and i don't have a backup copy of anything from my old computer
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    No backup is a big mistake.

    The music sync is one way - computer to ipod. The exception being itunes purchases.

    You can transfer itunes purchases from your ipod. Without syncing: File>Transfer Purchases

    Hope all goes smoothly. You should at least get back your itunes purchases.

    Now would be a great time to begin backing up your computer.
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    im just gonna transfer purchases most of my music is all purchases i think i only had a couple cds on there that were my own thanks for the help
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    That is good news.

    At least most of your music will be back and you can reload the cd's.